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Live, work and own your own Podiatry business in New Zealand

Discussion in 'Employment in New Zealand' started by johnmiller, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. johnmiller

    johnmiller Member

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    Foot Mechanics was started in 1997 and is now New Zealand's largest provider of Podiatry services with 14 clinics nationwide. Foot Mechanics has positioned themselves as a leader in their field by investing in technology and their people and has been built by staying true to their values:

    · Leading active lifestyles
    · Customer service excellence
    · Clinical practice excellence
    · Honesty, candour, transparency
    · Developing leaders
    · Creativity and innovation
    · Courage
    · Team

    We have an attractive opportunity available to own a Foot Mechanics Franchise in the stunning South Island of New Zealand. Current net profit to owner: $191,912.

    If you can relate to our values and have the desire for professional, financial and personal success we would love to talk to you! Expand your Podiatry horizon, join the Foot Mechanics team and enjoy the New Zealand lifestyle.

    As a Foot Mechanics Franchisee, we will show you our business systems and help you develop your own Podiatry practice into a successful business. We will provide you with comprehensive initial training and the ongoing business support required for your success. A Foot Mechanics Franchise gives you all the independence of owning your own practice, with all the benefits of belonging to a team where ongoing support is always available.

    New Zealand Lifestyle
    New Zealand is known for its pristine landscape as seen in such films as “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Chronicles of Narnia”. New Zealand is a relatively young nation which was first colonised by the British in the early 1800s. Homes traditionally come with a healthy section where you can keep a family dog or nurture a family garden – or both! New Zealand has a mix of both rural and urban landscapes with minimal travelling times between the coast, farm, mountain and city!
    New Zealand combines the natural landscape that incorporates snow covered mountains, clean rivers or lakes, long sandy beaches and native bush with the time, light and temperatures that allow you to enjoy all the activities on offer. In gaining access to these pastimes you will still have all the benefits of modern urban life available to you. The local café scene, the winery restaurants, the urban buzz of the main centres and easy access to Australia and the South Pacific. The Foot Mechanics franchise presents you with the ability to generate the profits and create the time to enjoy the lifestyle with your family and friends.

    Click here for more information.

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