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Patient Records

Discussion in 'Practice Management' started by AndyBru, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. AndyBru

    AndyBru Member

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    Can anyone suggest a simple patient records system I can look at. Have TM2 now but it doesnt meet my requirements. Very poor on patient treatment record side of things. Not interested in clinic staff roster systems or patient booking, or text. Thanks
  2. Tim VS

    Tim VS Active Member

  3. AndyBru

    AndyBru Member

    thank you
  4. blinda

    blinda MVP



    Works for me ;)
  5. Ian Drakard

    Ian Drakard Active Member

    Cheers Bel- made me smile.

    Using practicepal at the moment Andy. There are pros and cons with it but overall pleased with it. I use the notes section in a fairly basic way but it can do more fancy stuff if you take the time to set it up.

    It can also do the things you don't want but if you don't use them you don't pay for them
  6. Ian Linane

    Ian Linane Well-Known Member

    I also use practice pal. Find it sufficient for what I want.
  7. Sally Hoon

    Sally Hoon Welcome New Poster


    You can also look at www.practicebee.com, they have solid features and excellent service.

    I have been using it for 2 years and very happy with it.

  8. joelfriedlaender

    joelfriedlaender Active Member

    There is also www.cliniko.com (which is where I work). If you have any questions about it I would be happy to answer.


  9. phil

    phil Active Member

    I use cliniko. It's fantastic. (I don't work there) Try the free trial
  10. natlines

    natlines Member


    I thought I might take this opportunity to recommend WriteUpp as it is a pretty new entrant to the patient record market.

    Whilst you may not require all of the functionality, WriteUpp offers patient notes, assessments, records, billing, invoicing, documents and reminders alongside the scheduling system.

    It is web-based and very simple to use.

    We offer a free 30-day trial of the software, which you can sign-up for here (no debit or credit card details required). After this point, subscriptions start from just £14.95/month with no long term contracts. We also provide very responsive technical support, taking on user feedback, and we also convert electronic documents and assessments for you free of charge.

    In the interests of disclosure I should make it clear that I am one of the developers of WriteUpp, so I would love for you guys to take a look and see what you think.

    Thank you!

  11. AndyBru

    AndyBru Member

    Hi will it work on apple
  12. natlines

    natlines Member

    Hi Andy,

    WriteUpp works on any device with an Internet Browser, so you can use it on any Windows or Apple device including tablets and smartphones.
  13. toughspiders

    toughspiders Active Member

    I looked into using Cliniko and it looks good but found it expensive for a small business that has two podiatrists that both work part-time. Cannot justify the cost for a small growing business. Its a big jump from one practitioner to 5!

    1 practitioner = $45 a month
    5 Practitioner = $95 a month

    Add this to the cost of using ACSS and Hicaps its a lot

    If i am reading the pricing schedule wrong please let me know
  14. joelfriedlaender

    joelfriedlaender Active Member

    You didn't read the pricing wrong, and I can understand your concern. We do feel like Cliniko is great value even for 2 part time practitioners at $95 p/month. It's going to save you a heap of time, and your time is worth money. Also there is a lot we do every month to earn our fees, including:
    • Unlimited free support
    • Constant development (we releases updates every week)
    • Backups of your data

    It doesn't change the fact that it will cost you $95 p/month, but with all the places you spend money on your business, I think you'll find you get a lot for your money here.
  15. toughspiders

    toughspiders Active Member

    I hear you Joel,

    It probably is good value but not in my case not affordable for my small modest practice.

    For example if i were to take it up, i would be paying

    $95 for Cliniko
    $65 for ACSS (to complete Medicare and DVA transactions, not tying up the phone line)
    $38 hicaps
    $21 machine rental
    - Bank charges
    - Broadband Charges

    If you have 5 practitioners treating your turnover obviously will be a lot more that for that of a business with 2 practitioners and obviously therefore more affordable.

    I currently pay around $45 a month for my current system which i find really good but has the bug bear of not being here in Australia so support is a little awkward. Admittedly they are really good at getting back to me very quickly.

    I just wish there was a really good affordable system here that does it all... I know Front Desk does but again that is very expensive too.
  16. jb

    jb Active Member

    I'm not on the payroll either, but everything Joel outlines above is correct.

    We've been using Cliniko for our multiple practice locations for the last 18 months, and simply couldn't have been happier with the interface, the support, and more importantly, the accessibility. Try spending $95/month as against purchasing a server and multiple software licences; for us it was a no-brainer.

    Give the trial a go - I think it speaks for itself.

  17. joelfriedlaender

    joelfriedlaender Active Member

    There is also more than just the cost when you use a system like Cliniko (and I don't just mean Cliniko, although it's obviously my favorite). If you get automated appointment reminders, even reducing 1 no-show in a month can make the difference of the subscription payment, and typically automated reminders do more than that.

    Also, we have features like online bookings that might help to attract more clients by making it easier for them to book in.

    Again this doesn't change the price of course, and we're not the only one that offers these features (your existing system may already). I'd keep that in mind when considering a system.

    Whichever way you go, good luck with finding something that does what you need. If in future you ever need assistance you can reach us through the normal channels or me directly at joel@cliniko.com
  18. toughspiders

    toughspiders Active Member

    I think i will take another look at it. The system i use does allow for sms.. in my practice it hasn't reduced the dna rate!

    How does it interface with hicaps, or does this have to be done manually.
    Does it allow for third part billing (government/nursing home contracts)
    What about data transfer

    I like the idea of accessing it from anywhere, i currently use logmein but that has its limitations.

  19. joelfriedlaender

    joelfriedlaender Active Member

    You'll like it so much more than logmein. In answer to your questions:
    • We can't interface with HICAPS, they don't support web-based systems. So you'd process HICAPS and enter it into the Cliniko yourself (there's a place for it on our payments screen)
    • It's very flexible with invoices, you can include anything you need on them per patient, so it should be fine for 3rd party billing
    • You can transfer your patient information really easily (and can do yourself, though we'll help if you want). You just need to get it into a spreadsheet file. Most systems let you do that. You do need to add the appointments in again though, although thats quick once you've imported your patients.

    P.s. thanks Jair for the mention!
  20. toughspiders

    toughspiders Active Member

    Thanks, Ive hijacked this thread so will email you with queries.
  21. Blue123

    Blue123 Active Member


    This is very relevant to me at the moment and I was just about to go with PracticePal until I saw Natalie's response re WriteUpp....Have any Pods on here used it yet..and what do you think?


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