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Podiatric surgery SHOULD NOT exist!

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Tyson Smith, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Tyson Smith

    Tyson Smith Member

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    As a past student at UWA, previously studying podiatry, I've experienced first hand the quality of teaching and the calibre of students entering the course. It is subpar to most allied healthcare professions, and perhaps, is equivalent to nursing. So there is no way in hell a podiatrist should be holding a scalpel and performing surgery. There is no comparison to make between the intellect, diligence, and skill-level between a doctor and podiatrist. This "profession" needs to be banned.
  2. The Rev

    The Rev Member

    Tyson, judging by your previous posts and this latest, I’m assuming that you may no longer be involved with podiatry?
  3. MR NAKE

    MR NAKE Active Member

    I personally think that banning the Surgical Training Pathway is not the solution for this dilemma you have presented Tyson.

    I believe I once had a threading experience with regards to this subject matter. The solution is to incorporate the tougher entry requirements similar to that of the other profession you mentioned (Doctors-Medical School Stringer entry requirements), that way the quality of students entering the Discipline of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, who will later sub specialise in Surgery will be better if not best.

    Unfortunately at present there is a plethora of substandard students enrolling ( compared to previous years, we going 12-15 years ago), and progressing into Surgery and then imagine those qualified Surgeons teaching the next generation?, it’s a vicious cycle of events.
  4. The Rev

    The Rev Member

    I tend to disagree with both of you on this matter. First of all, stating that there is a ‘plethora’ of substandard students enrolling. I’m fairly certain that for the last 7 years there has been only 1 or 2 maximum students intake into the uwa surgery program each year on average, it probably falls very short of what most people would call a plethora. The course has undergone rigorous assessment and accreditation and is approved nationally by AHPRA. I’m not certain that either of you guys are qualified to make a judgment on the credentials of each student surgeon in that course as I’m fairly sure neither of you have had anything to do with the selection of these Guys. Some of the current intake have extensive clinical experience and prior training, there are a mix of people in that course, including podiatrists with many years experience in a range of work settings there are medically trained people as well, I fact i am aware that two of the current students are medicos one of which is an orthopaedic foot and ankle registrar who moved to Australia recently. Finally, these people you are referring to are real people and it’s such a small number at that, this forum is read by many in our profession and it’s actually quite insulting to be making such sweeping judgments in such a public forum about them. Training to become a podiatric surgeon in Australia is not an easy thing, no matter which one goes about it. Further most people who enrol and sign up to several years of unpaid training make very large sacrifices to get to do surgery.
  5. MR NAKE

    MR NAKE Active Member

    Dear Rev!, it seems like you differ with anyone’s opinion, first and foremost I don’t think any podiatrist needs to be qualified to pass a general comment with regards to whatever they are experiencing in their country, institutions etc,. Opinions differ !,

    Thus said, if in Australia your criterion is brilliant and you don’t have these plethoric tendencies, if ever there is such a word, then why worry!, simply defend that aspect, and don’t claim that people have been insulted, No one intentionally insults others, and if you strongly feel that an insult has been used, I shall apologise to the whole arena.

    This profession is practised in different geographical areas and with varying levels so, kindly accept that there are flaws elsewhere and not particularly at UWA.

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