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Podiatrist opportunity in Bexley, Kent

Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by EGOR01, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. EGOR01

    EGOR01 Welcome New Poster

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    Immediate requirement for self-employed HCPC registered Podiatrists to join the team at our modern, newly established podiatry clinic in Bexley, Kent.
    As well as general podiatry, you will be interested in biomechanics ‘lab’ work and bespoke orthotics prescriptions for routine and sports footwear.
    Equally, we want people who are qualified to undertake toe-nail surgery.
    Ideally this opportunity would most suit newly qualified, ambitious podiatrists and someone who has had some experience in private practice.
    We are flexible with days & hours and we operate on a fee sharing basis

    Please send your CV to Elaine O’Reilly (Managing Podiatrist)
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  2. Ismail

    Ismail Welcome New Poster


    I am a qualified podiatrist with 2 post-grad experience in the NHS and private clinics.
    I am available ASAP.

    Kind regard's

    Ismail zarmir
  3. EGOR01

    EGOR01 Welcome New Poster

    Hi Ismail,
    If you would like to send your CV, with references and contact details.
    Re: Podiatry vacancy for the attention of Elaine O'Reilly
  4. Ismail

    Ismail Welcome New Poster


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