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podiatry jobs in the middle east

Discussion in 'Podiatry Employment' started by zainab786pod, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. zainab786pod

    zainab786pod Welcome New Poster

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    hello everybody!

    I am a newly qualified uk podiatrist and im very eager to take up post
    in the middle east.
    Not too fussed about location, an arabic speaking nation is perfect.
    I have had a browse of the internet for jobs but there are few.
    can anybody suggest any other agencies i could register with or
    if possible any contacts/job opportunities and advisable entry points to
    working in the middle east??
    I can speak a little arabic myself which is always a bonus!
  2. S.Calvin

    S.Calvin Welcome New Poster

    Marhaba Zainab,

    This is a coincidence, I've just joined this forum and looking to start a business in Lebanon, I can't help since I'm looking for the same information but hope somone here will be able to help us,


    PS> Have you thought of starting up your own private practice in one the middle east?
  3. Bio-Mech UK

    Bio-Mech UK Member

    Hi Zainab,

    Have you qualified in a normal Bsc Degree or have you done a post grad?

    As in terms of employment I would say it is always better to have a few years practice if you plan on opening your own private clinic. Alternatively you can work for someone else in private practice.
  4. docq1001

    docq1001 Member

    Hi Guys,

    I just spent 7 months in Saudi which was a great experience. There is literally one practitioner in private practice in the KSA, Khalid Edrees, DPM in Jeddah. We are both USA trained surgical podiatrists. I am guessing there are practitioners willing to sublet space for a podiatrist. What I will tell you is that there is serious need in the middle east for our services. Try contacting Abdulaziz Ganass, DPM. He is at the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh in King Abudulaziz Medical City. If he is not looking for someone he is the guy that could point you in the right direction. I don't have any insight on Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait etc.

    If you decide to open your own business I might be interested. It is a big undertaking. I am focusing on the Emirates and Qatar mainly because they are more westernized. With a 30% DM rate there needs to be 100's of podiatrists coming in to the middle east. Let me know if you need any other specific information.

    Good luck

    Joe Quattrone
  5. zainab786pod

    zainab786pod Welcome New Poster

    Hi calvin! ummm i have thot about setting up privately but not abroad, as in the middle east. I was hoping to seek experience first in the area and feel it necessary first and foremost! why lebannon?
  6. zainab786pod

    zainab786pod Welcome New Poster

    Hey I hold a Bsc Hons degree, im also one of the first to hold a poms and l.a..
    yes i totally agree with you thats why im hoping to work along side and for other podiatrists. Are you based in the middle east yourself?
  7. zainab786pod

    zainab786pod Welcome New Poster

    Thanks for that info! I could be one of those 100! lol
    Would you happen to have an email address or work address for your co worker and Abdulaziz Ganass?
    i hope to open my own business in the future but as for right now I feel it best to gain experience and get a hang of podiatry abroad :)

    thank you much appreciated!
  8. docq1001

    docq1001 Member

    Hey Zain,

    Here is Khalid's email and Abdulaziz Ganass' secretary's #


    ganass secretary is Nigel (female) +966 (0)50 879 7096 or call podiatry unit of Natl Guard Hospital Riyadh in King Abullaziz Medical City

    Please tell them I referred you.

    If you need anything let me know. docq1001@yahoo.com

    Good Luck
  9. Nosheen Khan

    Nosheen Khan Welcome New Poster

    Hi I am a student podiatrist at Salford university UK. I am interested to find a job in Dubai. Pls can someone give me more information as there isn’t much information online. Thanks
    Nosheen Khan

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