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Rockstar Podiatrist Needed! Amersham, Bucks. UK

Discussion in 'Podiatry Employment' started by MargaretT, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. MargaretT

    MargaretT Welcome New Poster

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    We have a fantastic opportunity for a rock star podiatrist to join our podiatry amazing team. This is a full time employed position, based in the lovely area of Amersham in Buckinghamshire. We are at the end of the metropolitan line & commutable to – from London.

    We are looking for a podiatrist who is enthusiastic, passionate, hard-working, forward thinking, caring and team player to join our A Team. Walk This Way Podiatry Ltd is a modern podiatry clinic providing a supportive environment, CPD, monthly peer review, training / mentoring, career progression and many diverse opportunities provided. Our clinic is always evolving and striving to bring a world class foot and ankle healthcare service to our clients. We have plans in 2019 to become a multidisciplinary team. Our Practice Manager Anna oversees the daily running of the clinic and our reception team (admin angles) provide full administrative support to you throughout the day.

    We pride ourselves on happiness in the work place. We have bi-weekly huddles for a chat, monthly podiatry & team / mentoring sessions and team away days. We are committed to enabling our podiatrists to be the best that they can be and regular CDP is provided in / out house. We are a social team both inside and outside of work.

    The clinic environment is high end, modern and dynamic with a varied caseload. It also has up to date facilities & treatments such as cliniko, shockwave therapy, OptoGait, verruca needling, SWIFT, nail surgery etc. Training will be provided.

    We have non-negotiable standards around rebooking patients, recalling patients, promoting appropriate products, timekeeping and building referral networks.
    A Team Vision:
    To develop & grow Walk This Way into a centre of excellence.

    A Team Mission:
    Walk This Way exists to enable our clients to flourish and attain their individual goals by providing world class healthcare.

    A Team Values:
    1. We are passionate and enthusiastic about the services we offer & we always strive to exceed client expectations
    2. Our entire team is committed to the success of Walk This Way
    3. We provide professional ethical services which are transparent to our clients
    4. Our clients and team are our key focus and we are committed to their health & wellbeing, providing tailored solutions for everyone
    A work place pension and paid holidays are included. You never have to work xmas / NY. 1 yr experience is desired, but not essential. Salary and commission are dependent on experience and skill set.

    Closing date is: 28th February 2019. Please email your CV & covering letter addressed to clinic. See website for this, as unable to post email add. Or call 01494 629 599 for more info. If you would like to come and check us out, please contact our practice manager Anna to arrange this. Walkthiswaypodiatry.co.uk
    Proposed interview date 4th March 2019.

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