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Working Holiday Australia!!!

Discussion in 'Employment in the USA' started by AngelaHolland, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. AngelaHolland

    AngelaHolland Active Member

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    Brisbane, QLD. Have you ever considered moving to Australia but you'd prefer to try before you commit? This is the perfect opportunity for you!
    Advance Foot Clinic is seeking a qualified podiatrist for part-time work in their busy Brisbane Northside practice.
    • Temporary accommodation until a more permanent arrangement can be sorted.
    • Casual employment Tuesday – Thursday one week and Tuesday – Friday next week
    • Excellent hourly rate allowing finances to explore the magnificent east coast of Australia
    • Initially 6 months guaranteed employment
    • Possibility to extend for another 6 months
    • I am an approved 482 visa business sponsor. Potential to proceed to visa sponsorship
    What is required of you?
    • Apply for a 462 Work and Holiday Visa
    • Book your flight to Australia!
    • AHPRA registration
    This is a fabulous opportunity for an enthusiastic and adaptable Podiatrist to be part of a team with friendly administration staff and colleagues who genuinely enjoy working together. We regularly get together in a social setting to explore the joys that living in paradise offers!
    The clinic encompasses all aspects of podiatry including sports and biomechanics, surgery, diabetics, paediatric, NDIS, occupational and rehabilitation podiatry, general foot care and home visits. Excellent working conditions. Full administration and professional support will be provided.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if would would like to know more about the exciting opportunity
    All enquiries to angela@afootc.com.au :cool:
  2. Hi
    I am salvador Pagaza, Orthopaedic surgeon in Spain; I write you for my son , Javier Pagaza, Bachelor degree podiatrist fron Spain ( A Coruña University , UAC , Ferrol Campus, 4 years, 240 credits ) .

    He is in this moment in Singapore, in a post college trip , travelling now to Melbourne and after that to Chicago, for a three months internship ( not surgical , just in office ) with Dr Adam Fleischer, Weil Foot and Ankle Institute
    After that , he wants to work as a junior orthopodist in Singapore , Australia , Ireland or UK . Minimum 3 years or definitive . He has about one year experience ( private practice ) , and a lot of practice in the university.

    After the journey, in about 5-6 months , he will look for positions. He is a serious person , 26 years old, with possibility to travel to Singapore or Australia for a personal interview ( no compromise ) . His level of English is now B2 , about IELTS 6 ( also will try to attend English course to achive IELTS 7 ); he is functional fluent in English , native Spanish and Galician-Portuguese, A2 french.

    For AHPRA registration, is compulsory to have an IELTS Academic 7 . He is working to achieve it. Until that, he could work as assistant or just assist as "non practicing observer" with australian "work and holliday" visa.

    During one month ( 04/2022 ) he will stay in Melbourne. He would be very happy if he could contact with some australian orthopodist in Melbourne

    javierpagaza95 gmail.com​

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