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Working in USA as a Podiatry Assistant

Discussion in 'Employment in the USA' started by power, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. power

    power Member

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    I'm looking for help and advice.

    I am a UK qualified podiatrist currently working in Australia. I am moving permanently to Florida USA. I know I can not work as a podiatrist in the USA but was wondering if I would be able to work as a podiatry assistant? Does this type of position exist?

    I have a wealth of experience and love my work and do not really want to give up podiatry, so looking for possible openings to continue using my skills.

    Any advice welcome. Thanks
  2. i-man

    i-man Member

    Where in Fla are you considering working?
  3. power

    power Member

    Jacksonville. My family live there and I'm hoping to join them.
  4. Gibby

    Gibby Active Member

    Hey, "Power,"

    have you moved to FL yet?

    you are able to work as an assistant, and with the right Podiatrist, you'd be able to use your skill and expertise-

    let me know if you are still seeking placement-
  5. JennPod

    JennPod Welcome New Poster


    I'm in the same situation. I'm a UK qualified podiatrist looking to move to the US early next year. Can someone give me an idea of the salary that a podiatry assistant would earn? Also would you have to work supervised or would the DPM jut have to be on the premises?

    Thanks for any help
  6. chris keers

    chris keers Welcome New Poster

    This is an interesting thread I have been living in SC for 2 years and was unaware that I could practice as an assistant. I have 20 years U.K private and NHS experience and would love to be working in the podiatry field again. Thanks for the posts I will certainly investigate further.
  7. dwilliams

    dwilliams Welcome New Poster

    I have just moved to Palm City,FL from the UK and am also interested in finding out whether I could work as a podiatry assistant and could still use my skills.

    I have worked for the NHS for the past 4 1/2 years and gained a lot of experience in the treatment of diabetics/rheumatoid patients and nail surgery. I really enjoyed my job and think it would be a shame to just end up doing the filing in the office and help patients getting on and off the treatment chair.

    In theory would you be allowed to use your clinical skills under the supervision of a DPM, i.e. as long as a he or she is on site? Would a UK podiatrist be comparable to a podiatry PA?

    What sort of salary should you expect working as an assistant using clinical skills or as a PA?

    Thanks for any help.

  8. mandyt

    mandyt Active Member


    Just wondered how all of you got on, Did any of you manage to get any answers or better still did any of you get a job offer.

    I would be very interested to know what you are up to now.

    You have all done the difficult bit and managed to get residence in the USA, but it would be great to know if you were all able to carry on in some shape or form in Podiatry.

    I see a lot of USA Podiatrist frequent this forum so I hope some of them were able to offer you a position.

    Please PM me if you don't want to reply to the main forum with your answers.

    Thanks M
  9. st403

    st403 Member


    I have also considered many times about moving to the US as I absolutely love it there, but would still want to work in the podiatry field. Is podiatry a profession which would enhance my application for residency to the US and as before, I am asking the same questions as the others about salary of a pod assistant and scope of practice.

    Thanks all
  10. stuartanton

    stuartanton Welcome New Poster


    I too would be most interested in finding out the options for a UK trained podiatrist in the US.

    Any information regarding scope of practice and estimated salary would be much appreciated!

  11. dwilliams

    dwilliams Welcome New Poster


    I have tried to find employment with podiatrists in the Treasure Coast area but unfortunately no luck. In some states you can work as a medical nail technician and do pretty much the same as in the UK, minus nail surgery. Unfortunately Florida isn't one of those states.
  12. mandyt

    mandyt Active Member

    Hi Dwilliams

    How can you check which states allow this?
    I would be really grateful for the info.

    Thanks for keeping us all updated
  13. dwilliams

    dwilliams Welcome New Poster

    I know Texas seems quite forward thinking in this way. I have spoken to someone in Arizona and she works on her own just as normal, scalpel and all. I am not sure if that is totally above board. You might want to google Dr. Spalding. He is a DPM who offers a course for nail techs to become a medical nail technicican. He might be able to advise you further. I suppose if you contact local DPMs in your area you will see what they are inclined to do. I contacted the DPM programme in Miami University as the lecturers are quite knowledgeable about legislation. That's how I found out that I can't do much in terms of podiatry with my qualification. Here as an assistant I would do more filing, paperwork and taking x-rays. Filing and paperwork are the parts of the job I've always hated and x-rays I haven't been trained to do :wacko: So no go for me. If I can help any more just pm me.
  14. silugl

    silugl Welcome New Poster

    They do have podiatry assistance course certification which are usually offered at the national podiatry meetings. Another is to become a general medical assiatant first then do podiatry.
    In Florida there are many non-US citizens who work do medical assistant courses and some also do the podiatry assistant cousre. The laws and legistlation are sometime vague and may change from state to state. But usually it is consistant that work under the supervision of a liscensed podiatrist within the limitation of the scope of practice of the state of such practice.
    Good luck on you search.
  15. Lab Guy

    Lab Guy Well-Known Member

    One idea is to become a C-Ped.

  16. Toejo7

    Toejo7 Welcome New Poster

    :craig:I have 25 years experience as a chiropodist/podiatrist and want to work in Florida I cover all aspects of general chiropody including ingrowing toenail removal using no anaesthetic. I understand I may not be able to work at the level I work here in the UK but would like to continue within the profession even as an assistant when I emigrate to Florida. Any information would be gratefully appreciated.
  17. theaussie

    theaussie Active Member

    Sorry to bump this old post, I thought I would see if anyone had luck since the beginning of this thread with the move to the US and gaining some sort of employment in the field?

    Thanks :)
  18. Karey Fleming

    Karey Fleming Active Member

    This is an interesting thread! Podiatry and chiropody mean the same thing in the east coast Canada provinces. We are currently seeking a podiatrist and would appreciate if you could share our post within your network. We help with immigration to come to Canada.

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