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2010 Victorian Podiatry Conference, Melbourne

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by MelbPod, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. MelbPod

    MelbPod Active Member

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    The Australian Podiatry Association (Vic) State Conference
    "WHAT THE .......FOOT?"
    19-20 March, 2010
    Venue: The Sebel, Albert Park Melbourne​

    The APodA (Vic) Scientific Committee are proud to announce the release of the 2 day program for the 2010 conference.
    The program has already stirred much interest and it is yet to be officially released in the November newsletter.

    The innovative program was put together on the guidelines decided on by the committee that presentations must be NEW, RELEVANT and/or FUN.

    Watch this space in the next couple of weeks for the full program and registration details.

    For a sneak peek..... look out for sessions and presentations

    • [*]What not to miss....(including presentations on what not to miss in paeds with Cylie Williams, diabetes, dermatology)

      [*]Footwear sessions....whats new in kids shoes, therapeutic footwear and chi/pose running.

      [*]The Great Debate between Craig Payne and Kay Crossly on patella femoral pain.

      [*]A Practice Management session - How to make your practice more successful.

      [*]For new grads and employers, dont miss the presentation outlining pros and cons of Employee vs Contractor situations.

      [*]Updates on Key Issues including S4 prescribing.

      [*]A PhD showcase of our latest local research

    ......and much much more. Speakers from multidisciplines and valued speakers from the Australian Institute of Sport, Multidisciplines, Local and interstate podiatrists.

    You will be sorry if you miss it, so get in early!

  2. MelbPod

    MelbPod Active Member

    The program and registration is RELEASED (see attached)

    It is a conference not to be missed, covering all aspects of podiatry.
    Get in fast as numbers will be capped

    Attached Files:

  3. gwilson

    gwilson Member

    Victorian podiatry?

    Won't that be a bit out of date?

    (sorry, couldn't resist!)
  4. MelbPod

    MelbPod Active Member

  5. MelbPod

    MelbPod Active Member

  6. MelbPod

    MelbPod Active Member

    The FINAL PROGRAM for the APodA Vic Conference has been released
    19-20 March, Sebel Hotel Albert Park, Melbourne.

    Trade displays are now at full capacity and Registrations are filling quickly.


  7. MelbPod

    MelbPod Active Member

    The conference is now only 3 WEEKS AWAY!

    There are very limited registration left available (less than 30)

    With numbers for dinner registration also nearing to full capacity, please be sure to book soon (note: dinner is included with full registration, day registration does not include dinner)

    So Please get in soon to anoid disappointment!!

    20 CPD Points (for full conference, 10 per day)

    FANTASTIC PROGRAM LINE UP, and a value for money EVENT!


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