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2nd International Seminar of Foot Pathologies, Zaragoza, Spain: February 6-8, 2014

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Kevin Kirby, Jul 19, 2013.

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    In about 6 months, I will be lecturing along with many of my friends from Podiatry Arena in Zaragoza, Spain, on February 6-8, 2014 at the II SEMINARIO INTERNACIONAL DE PATOLOGIA DEL PIE.

    This is the first time I have lectured together with Eric Fuller, Simon Spooner and Craig Payne all at the same seminar. In addition, Javier Pascual Huerta, Samuel and Pierre Barouk, Tom Roukis and many of my fine Spanish podiatric colleagues (who I have heard speak before and are also excellent) will also be there lecturing. In my 28 years of lecturing at seminars, this is one of the most impressive line-ups of lecturers that I have ever seen at an international podiatric seminar.

    Looks to be a "once in a lifetime seminar" to me. Hope to see many of you there.
  2. toomoon

    toomoon Well-Known Member

    might be able to find an excuse to attend. I love Spain!
  3. The first seminar of this series in Zaragoza was held in 2011. Here is the thread from that seminar which also was a very good one.

    Seminario Internacional De Patologia Del Pie, Zaragoza, Spain: January 27-29, 2011

    However, I also remember is was pretty cold in Zaragoza for the 2011 seminar....on my run in the mornings the fountains in the plaza were all frozen over. But the Spanish food is so, so good. We can't wait to go back again in February and see my Spanish friends and colleagues....and eat more tapas!
  4. The seats are selling out for the Zaragoza, Spain seminar in February. The seminar organizer, Moises Pardos, just informed me that they now have 450 seminar registrants signed up for the February 6-8, 2014 seminar in Zaragoza.

    Second International Seminar for Pathology of the Foot, Zaragoza 2014

    I am greatly looking forward to, for the very first time, lecturing with Eric Fuller, Simon Spooner and Craig Payne all in one seminar. This may be the last time that we all lecture at the same seminar together so I'll be taking lots of photos!

    Looking forward to seeing many of you in Zaragoza in about seven weeks. Should be a great seminar!

    Here's a photo of Javier Pasqual Huerta, PhD, after he was done translating for me for a few lectures at the last Zaragoza seminar in February 2011. Also is included is a photo of me, Moises and Javier at the seminar. Good job Moises and Javi!! :drinks
  5. My lovely wife and I are now in Barcelona doing a little vacationing before we head to Zaragoza for the II SEMINARIO INTERNACIONAL DE PATOLOGIA DEL PIE to lecture with Simon Spooner, Craig Payne, Eric Fuller and many other fine speakers.

    Funny thing, I hadn't seen Eric Fuller for quite some time even though he lives only about 80 miles from me....but I travel nearly 6,000 miles to Barcelona and who do we see in La Sagrada Familia, the Gaudi cathedral in Barcelona???.. Eric Fuller, his wife and son...all enjoying a sunny day in Barcelona in one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world!

    Here's a photo from inside La Sagrada Familia.

    Looking forward to the seminar!:drinks
  6. Another beautiful, sunny day in Barcelona. Went to Antoni Gaudi's La Padrera (Casa Mila) today. Here's the view of the rooftop. Fantastic!

    One more day of vacation in Barcelona then off to Zaragoza for the seminar with Craig, Simon, Eric and all our Spanish colleagues.
  7. And don't forget the tapas for lunch! :drinks
  8. frederic G

    frederic G Active Member

    It's the first time I go to the international seminar of foot pathology. Not sure if others french podiatrists will be there.
    I will take the plane from London tomorrow morning where I was in Holidays for 4 days.
  9. Today was the last day of vacation for us in Barcelona before we take the train to Zaragoza tomorrow for the podiatry seminar (with 500 registrants!) where I lecture with Craig Payne, Simon Spooner and Eric Fuller.

    We've had a great vacation in Barcelona. What started out to be a rainy morning turned out to be a great sunny day. In addition, we were very surprised to see surfing just off a beautiful Barcelona beach in the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the guys surfing had brought their surfboards on the Metro underground subway and then carried them to the beach! This guy was shredding it on the Mediterranean just like they do on the Pacific Ocean back in California. Cool!

    Surfin' Safari....if everybody had an ocean....:cool::drinks
  10. I saw these two guys at the train stop in Zaragoza, Spain.....wonder what they're doing there? ;)

    (Simon does like his white shoes!)
  11. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Looking sharp Mr Gatsby...
  12. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    Sharpest dressed people in Spain today! Have fun boys!
  13. My good buddies, Drs. Simon Spooner and Javier Pascual at the after-conference cocktail party tonight.

    Great lectures by Simon, Eric and Craig this evening for the first day of the conference. I give my first lecture tomorrow at 9 AM.

    It was a very good first day of the conference with 500 podiatrists registered from Spain, Italy and a few other countries!
  14. Great audience at all the lectures. Lots of lectures on Tissue Stress, Zone of Optimal Stress and foot orthosis biomechanics. Muy bueno!!
  15. alessandro costa

    alessandro costa Active Member

    Pretty nice shoes spooner
  16. Thanks to everyone for a great seminar. I had a wonderful time and greatly enjoyed the hospitality of our Spanish hosts. Hasta luego!!
  17. Petcu Daniel

    Petcu Daniel Active Member

    I’ve traveled 3000 km to see, for the first time in my life, how it looks a great podiatric community and to hear and learn for the best teachers of this profession!
    And, believe me, it deserved any minute of unprecedented turbulences and corresponding fear from the prolonged takeoff of the return flight to home!
    My congratulation for the organizers –Colegio de Podologos de Aragon- and all my respect for the speakers who were extremely friendly and willing to answer all questions!

  18. Daniel:

    And thanks to you for introducing yourself to me and challenging me with your excellent questions. I now have a new, very smart, podiatry friend in Romania! Excellent!:drinks
  19. alessandro costa

    alessandro costa Active Member

    Many thanks to kirby payne spooner fuller and all others spanish collegues

  20. Also nice to see you again, Alessandro. The number of Italian podiatrists at the seminar was amazing and greatly added to the total of podiatrists (over 500 total) that attended. Maybe next time I see you will be at a podiatric biomechanics seminar in Italy??!:drinks
  21. For those who don't know who Daniel is, he introduced himself to me at the seminar in Zaragoza and is an engineer working in Romania with an interest in podiatry(where they don't have any podiatry schools). He asked me some of the best questions about foot function that I have had asked of me in a few years. I was very impressed with Daniel's knowledge and the work he is doing in Romania. One of the best things about lecturing at these international seminars is that I finally can put faces to some of the names from Podiatry Arena.

    Anyway, for those who want to read Daniel Petku's papers on foot function theories (Petcu D, Colda A: Foot functioning paradigms. Proc Rom Acad, Series B, 14(3):212–217, 2012), here is the pdf.
  22. By the way, for those who didn't attend the seminar in Zaragoza, Simon Spooner and I had a little audiovisual surprise for the audience at the beginning of Saturday afternoon's lectures on midtarsal joint biomechanics and the effects of orthoses on the midtarsal joint.

    I would have loved to hear the simultaneous translation into Spanish for this one!

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2016

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