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3d scanner on iphone

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Simon Spooner, Jul 13, 2011.


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    Just got this £0.59 app for iphone. It's a structured light 3d scanner. Will report back when I've played with it.
  2. Deborah Ferguson

    Deborah Ferguson Active Member

    Seems to only be compatible with i phone 4.
  3. Quick play: scanning is rapid; I'd say about a second. I've only tried it in a well lit room so far which creates lots of noise. I'll experiment later / tomorrow in a dark room. If I get time tomorrow, I'll import some scans into Solidworks and upload some here.

    So far, so good. Easy use. Very quick and cheap. I had to pay another couple of £'s to be able to export as useable 3D models but hey, it's still a working 3D scanner for about £3

    You know how the i-Qube scanner looks like a giant i-phone and costs several £K, this is an i-phone app that costs the price of a pint.... they both produce 3D scans which can be exported as .STL, .OBJ etc.....

    Why have I got Dom Joly and Trigger Happy TV in my head..... Hello, yeah I'm on the computer scanning feet, yeah it's rubbish....
  4. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    Is it available for the ipad? You could actually scan a foot on that.

    All pt records on the ipad. Gait analysis footage and scan with the same tool. Sounds like an all in one?!
  5. Already been through that in my head. I was thinking i-pad or my macbook. BUT....... it uses the camera to capture the images, the screen projects the structured light, so you can't just stick your foot on the screen, since the camera won't see it. The advantage of the ipad / macbook might be in the more powerful projection of the structured light. Lets see what depth I get from a proper test set-up tomorrow...

    I'm talking privately at the moment with the developer, who seems like a good egg. He's going to put a timer/ delay onto it, which will help when trying to scan something other than your own face.
  6. In his last e-mail to me, the developer suggested that the app may not provide enough accuracy... I noted in my reply that contact digitizers such as the Amfit digitizer give an accuracy equivalent to about half a dozen dpi. Anyone know the actual dpi of these contact digitizers?
  7. LuckyLisfranc

    LuckyLisfranc Well-Known Member


    Interesting. Do you think it would work for neuropathic ulceration - ie to measure diameter and depth?

    Might be a simple tracking tool.

  8. CraigT

    CraigT Well-Known Member

    I know that it has been tried with a laser scanner- there are issues if the ulcer is too cavernous, and also that the moist surface of the ulcer is not easy to scan.
  9. CraigT

    CraigT Well-Known Member

    The AMFIT has about 16 pins in a square inch. They are not completely independent as they are moved by a rubber bladder which inflates to raise them up. It is a good example to demonstrate that resolution is less important than being able to capture the shape or position that you want.
  10. Here is a question. The old "cast correction" process smooths out substantial irregularities. Assuming 16dpi, how much of a "step" would we accept before we reached for the plaster?
  11. Agreed.

    You could take a look at this one Lucky:
  12. CraigT

    CraigT Well-Known Member

    Not sure I can answer that- I mill out positives and then hand shape and 'smooth'.
    I do know that I like to see a true reflection of the organic shape of the foot in the orthoses that I make. I would not like the scanner to have less resolution than the AMFIT, and would have to say I would prefer more than it has.
  13. CraigT

    CraigT Well-Known Member

  14. We'll see. But this company are very much on my radar now. I'll have a little play with their surface scanner today. And we'll see what else they come up with, but anyone who know's me will recognise that the sort of thing they talk about here is about as straight down my boulevard as something going straight down a boulevard. http://www.neotrux.com/Products/products
  15. So far.... way too much noise when trying to capture the whole of the plantar foot. Better when close in, got a reasonable capture of my toes. Minimising camera shake and target object movement is a must, but hard when you are trying to see what you've got on the screen and press the button.
  16. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Would this help?

  17. Rosso

    Rosso Member

    Hi Guys
    The Trimensional App was for facial images and if you check out the presenter he has a light beard around the side of the face so his images just show the front of the face. Given we played with this for a some time most facial images are crap they are wrinkled as the side of the face just arent there. Also the images in stl require you to pay more for one image at a time every time. The Images are good for Avatar images ( like the smiles etc on the side of this page) and you put on your game machine as you can see it you but for any thing else forget it.
    There is a long way to run on this and lots more Apps are coming out by the reality at present is no real design and measurement features YET.
    And for god sake why are people still playing with amfit machines STILL.

    FotoScan 3D foot scanners on tripods are still a good buy ( i dont sell them) and there are others around. Lots of issues with flat bed weight bearing scanners and flat heels, loss of dimension in arch heights and loss of laterial arch heights. I dont recommend them but they are great in a lab to scan plaster casts.
    Rosso :wacko:
  18. CraigT

    CraigT Well-Known Member

    Because, like I said earlier...
    It has its limitations, but you can work pretty effectively with it... we are much more efficient with it than with plaster.
    Having said that, we are in the process of going full CADCAM with Delcam as it should be more efficient again. The iQube scanner is pretty impressive!

  19. But still too expensive. They've got to bring the price of all of this technology right down to make it pervasive.
  20. neilnev

    neilnev Active Member

    Hi Simon

    "0.59p per pint" - where????:bash:
  21. Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, etc.
  22. neilnev

    neilnev Active Member

    Ahhhh - so not "proper" beer!
  23. Rosso

    Rosso Member

    The I Qube is an impressive machine no doubt about that. But if you have more than one remote clinics its cost effective to do a plaster cast and then scan it.
    We have the original software that Orthomodel is built around and orthomodel.
    It is very good good luck you'll spend a bit of time working it out. Tips, good toolpaths and very carefull setting up is the way to go. we have been using Orthomodel for 2 years, still has issues but i argue the cost of an individual podiatrist buying it we think about 35 a week is break even because its just not the manufacting its the covers and labour and your time to design, drop on to the mill etc Good luck
  24. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    I used to work in a bar that did a pint of cask ale for 66p. Classy!
  25. johnatperth

    johnatperth Member

    A question for Simon.
    How are you going with the iPhone scan apps?
    My concern with them is that I think they are mainly about the render rather than the surface, while we need the surface and don't care about the render.
    I believe they are dimensionless in that the shape is not to the size of the object/foot. I wonder about using a scale in the scan that could be used to scale the scan to the foot size? 3d surfscan app allows the user to apply a depth to the scan. Could this be used to get a more accurate scan?
    I would prefer a few accurate points rather than a dense point cloud that could be quite spurious.
    I havn't yet tried them and wondered about your experiences.
  26. I spoke via skype with the guy who developed the trimensional scanner app. He was looking to secure some research funding which might enable the development of something approaching our needs. That was some months ago... why not contact him yourself, he seemed like a nice fella?
  27. johnatperth

    johnatperth Member

    Thanks Simon for getting back so quickly.
    I wish you and you family a Happy New Year.
  28. Just doing a search at the app store and found this: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/3d-scanner/id470495309?mt=12

    I don't have a Kinect to try this one, nor do I know how you'd connect your Kinetic to your iphone, but if you do and you can spend the £2.49 and let me know.

    When will apple bring out a stereo camera version of their ipad? It's what the kids are asking for- tell you what would make a great dongle? Another camera....
  29. George Smith

    George Smith Welcome New Poster

    Hi Simon

    What do you recommend for the iPhone 7 plus?
    here in NZ Tim Ganley's lab uses a Structure Sensor and a foot scanning App called AOMS TOT but they are not cheap .

  30. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

  31. George Smith

    George Smith Welcome New Poster

    G'day Craig
    I just got the stricture sensor and the images look good will have to order and see what comes at the other end .
    Have you seen them ?
    have a nice day

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