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Advice needed nhs or private?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by To3s, Oct 5, 2022.

  1. To3s

    To3s Welcome New Poster

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    Hello I am a new graduate working in nhs for 4 months. I am not enjoying it, support is not great and although varied case load I am struggling. I've told manager and they have helped a little with longer consult times but ultimately its the paper work, referals and lack of support killing it for me. So my question is do I try priavte? Been in touch with a priavte practice and the guy who runs it says they will provide me with some mentorship. Thoughts please
  2. Hannah Boss

    Hannah Boss Welcome New Poster

    Maybe bit late with reply but I think it is crucial to understand that your experience of working in the NHS is specific to where you are working/which trust etc. The NHS is a patchwork of providers, many of whom are not actually NHS, and CCGs can provide/not provide according to local need/finances/demograph. So, all I'm saying saying is, maybe move to another trust with better leadership and a more interesting patient offering.
    I left the NHS after 25 years and am enjoying private practice but, *big but*, although I realise I had missed out on some learning and provision in the NHS, those in the private sector who have never worked in a multidisciplinary setting (fully MDT with several clinicians working for one Pt) have missed out more. In the NHS I frequently saw patients that had not been fully treated because a pod was hanging on to them, not knowing what other provision is out there. For the rheumatology foot it was often too late by the time we saw them. You cant undo deformity.
    I would say go to another trust where there is a chance to work with a diabetes team or rheum dept or where the MSk is done alongside of/with easy access to others eg pod surgeon and orthopods/OT/Physio/Orthotist etc - then, after a couple years, take that experience to your private patients.

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