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Ambitious and driven nearly qualified student from Brighton University looking for work within and a

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by saunders_junior, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. saunders_junior

    saunders_junior Welcome New Poster

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    Hi im Rob,

    I am currently a third year student Podiatrist comming to the end of the academic course at Brighton University, and am looking for work after qualification in July. I am an ambitious, driven and hard working individual who has already shown great enthusiasm for Podiatry. I am a friendly, trustworthy and positive individual.

    In terms of my experience, throughout my course I am used to working in routine Podiatry clinics at the Leaf Hospital, where I have developed my skills and knowledge of patient treatments. The extensive experience of treating patients within the university's NHS teaching hospital has given me solid routine podiatry skills and good time management. I have worked hard to develop my knowledge in the Podiatric specialties, focusing particularly on the management of the high risk foot. Due to my confidence, enjoyment and competency in my university clinics, it saw me gain the Galderma Award for excellent clinical performance for my second year.

    My placement block was within NHS Croydon, where I was exposed to high risk patients and clinics. I was heavily involved with running fifteen minute clinics such as new patient assessment, diabetes and ulcer clinics. I was exposed to the types of case loads Podiatrists face within London. I received great praise and feedback from the professionals in Croydon about my professional attitude, flexibility and positive attitude to change. I am also tommorow going to London to work as part of the Podiatry medical team at the London Marathon 2010.

    I have a full UK driving license.

    I am very keen and excited about any interest shown and am keen to hear of any oppotunities that may be available to me. Please feel free to contact me on here or on robert.s.saunders@hotmail.com.

    Many Thanks!

    Rob Saunders
  2. Hi Rob, :welcome: to Podiatry Arena. Good luck with finding a job.
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