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Another newby

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by John Webster, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. John Webster

    John Webster Welcome New Poster

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    Just a quick hello to introduce myself, having just qualified as a Foot Health Professional at the SMAE Institute i now find myself at the mercy of the outside world. This site was recommended by a colleague at the SMAE who i met on a CPD course.
    I would like to chat to members in my local area Hull E Yoyks, as well as anyone else. It's nice to meet you.
  2. zsuzsanna

    zsuzsanna Active Member

    Hello John,

    I was also trained at SMAE but 9 years ago! This is a very useful site with lots of information.
    It is hard for those of us who work on our own to keep in touch with other people doing the same job! I live in Kent and I love my job!
  3. John Webster

    John Webster Welcome New Poster

    Hi Zsusanna

    Thanks for a reply, I agree that working on your own can be tiresome but at least we do have contact with our patients. Having just started my business i am seeing very few patients but these things take time to get established. Out of interest what part of the job do you love most?
    Cheers John
  4. zsuzsanna

    zsuzsanna Active Member

    Hello John
    It takes about two years to get established. I know it sounds a long time but it will go very quickly. I like meeting people and the best thing is when the patient stands up and says "My feet feel wonderful!" or "It is like walking on air!" or "I could go dancing now!" It is very rewarding to be able to help people.
    The best place to advertise is in the Yellow Pages and in the local church or other local magazine.
    Hope you will do well!
  5. europod

    europod Welcome New Poster

    I also trained with the Smae
    it didnt take me long to realise the training was adequate if you wanted to be a pedicurist. however if you wanted to be Professional and be a chiropodist
    you were ill equiped to go into the outside world.
    the course teaches at a very basic level and as good as the tutors were there was only so much they could do in two weeks.
    At least when the HPC was established those of us who were banned from post grad training because we were not state registered now have the oportunity to continue with our education and once qualified to be able to offer our patients a complete service.
    I get fed up when I hear so called foot professionals telling their "clients"
    I do not do ingrown nails or verrucae
    Would you go to a dentist who could not administer an anaesthetic
    , of course not.
    the most important thing you have to do is realise your limits, if at any time you are unsure about a condition or treatment GET ADVICE. remember the old medical adage "do no harm"
    maybe it is time we get away from the chiropody title and foot health professional it misleads the public into thinking you are fully qualified.
    perhaps there should be only pedicurists and podiatrists
    maybe both controlled by a general podiatry council.
    standardised training is needed, if only to protect the public from the person who thinks he will treat feet tomorrow, buys a pair of nippers and off he goes
    nothing illegal in that provided he doesnt use the protected title
    The HPC has failed there are too many loop holes allowing anybody to set up in practice. the public need protection.
    Now in europe, well that is another story, maybe later.


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