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Best Podiatry Arena Quotes for 2011

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Kevin Kirby, Dec 24, 2011.

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    We must now take our annual accounting of all the wondeful quotes from the 2011 edition of Podiatry Arena. Please post up your favorite quote so we can finalize our "Podiatry Arena's Quote of the Year Award" this year.

    Here is my favorite:

    Mark Russell (of course): (November 29, 2011, responding to Dennis Shavelson in the Re: Foundational Wellness Biomechanics: 2011 Abstract thread):

    Merry Christmas!:santa::santa2::drinks
  2. I love this thread!

    Its probably marks (again) but we should take time to remember some other pearls.

    From Simo... sorry, Ian:-
  3. Thanks to these threads, I fear that history may yet portray me as an old cynic with an ascerbic, unkind wit - and nothing can be further from the truth. With that in mind, I would like to nominate Dennis to win this coveted award with my all time favourite quote of 2011. And with especially kind thanks to Eric.
    It's the last thing I think at night and the first thought of the day. Comforting.
  4. Athol Thomson

    Athol Thomson Active Member

    Dr Spooner gets my vote with...

    "No Brian, that's not how it works. I have no idea of the research studies of which you referred to, so how could I possibly cite them? Unless you have invented an insole which provides the wearer with the ability to read minds, in which case you'll still need to send me a pair before I can read yours here".


  5. It's a bit of a cheat because it's it's a 2ndry quote, but still.

    Dr Paul scherer, slightly cut.

  6. Rob Kidd

    Rob Kidd Well-Known Member

    I do not have a quote - but I do have a thought. I am increasingly concerned by the concept "that it must be right, we all do it / we all see it / it is seen by many of us". I see this in increasing quantities - best described as a Neurenberg defence. And as a matter of interest, it did not stand up in their law courts either. Rob
  7. Best quotes only in this thread.....not opinions regarding as to how the standard of care is arrived at within a medical community, please!
  8. Easy solved;)

    I nominate Rob for

    Its a good Quote! I feel the same way.


    As Kevin said, not to be talked about here ;). If you want to Rob, start another thread on that.:drinks
  9. Like the man said: "Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition."
    Adam Smith

    Now there is a great quote. I think what Dr Kidd is saying is that there is too much enthusiasm and superstition and not enough science; I'm inclined to agree.
  10. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    David Smith from the thread Foundational Wellness Biomechanics: 2011 Abstract having a go @ Dennis:

  11. drsarbes for this one:
    Question: why is Podiatry Arena obsessed with distance running, when we all know that sprinting is far more exciting? Fastest person on the planet full stop versus.... fastest over 26 miles- which will draw the more interest at next years olympic games?
  12. The classification of "fastest person on the planet" is an artificial title since this moniker does not specify racing distance. Usain Bolt would not the be "fastest person on the planet" if the race distance was 20 meters long or any distance over 400 meters long. I am excited by all running events in track and field, but have generally found that the 800 meter race distances have been one of my most favorite distances to watch due to the interesting tactics that are often required to win at this distance. There are relatively few race tactics for a 100 and 200 meter races where runners stay in one lane for the whole race. However, running in a pack in one small lane, having a finishing kick, being blocked out of a passing lane, and being tripped/spiked by another runner make the track events from 400 meters to 10,000 meters quite a bit more interesting to watch, especially to the individual who has competed in these events themselves and can appreciate what goes on in these races.

    This side discussion is better placed in its own thread.
  13. During which track event is the fastest running speed going to be at the 2012 Olympics? Of the world records we have for track events are the highest speeds during sprint events, middle distance events or in those events where the runners go round and round and round? So in your opinion, there are few tactics in a sprint race.. you could argue that distance running is far less technical than sprinting- each to their own. For me the shear explosion out of the blocks is where it is at, I'm not so interested in events where I've got time to make a cup of tea, have a shower, phone a friend etc and still see the finish. :drinks
  14. drsha

    drsha Banned

    Proud to once again bear the brunt of this years quotes for the third time,
    my 2011 nomination for best quote comes from our beloved Mark Russel who raised the bullying bar on The Arena yet one notch higher when he threatened one of its own favored son's, Dr. Eric Fuller, physically, to influence his decision on responding to a challenge that I put on the table.


    We haven't met personally yet, however I would like to inform you that I am six foot four inches tall and 288lbs in weight and can manage forty four single arm pull-ups with my weaker arm without a break. Should you respond to the above, I will find out where you live and I'll be on the next airplane to pay you a visit which you will not enjoy terribly much".

    Kinda reminds me of a Jerry Garcia refrain from The Wheel:
    "If the thunder won't get you then the lightning will"

    Still Functional Foot Typing, Internationally
  15. Tkemp

    Tkemp Active Member

    This was actually my choice for quote of the year, as it's a perfect example of sharp, dry wit.
    Was chuckling over it for the rest of the day :D
    Mark, you're a legend mate! :drinks

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