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Blister treatment for ultramarathon runners

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Roddy, May 7, 2009.

  1. Roddy

    Roddy Member

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    I will shortly by assisting at the West Highland Way Race, a 95 mile ultramarathon.

    In previous years any large blisters that have appeared at the medical stations have been aspirated and taped down and the runners sent of there way, but this has proved to be unsuitable, with taping usually coming off after another couple of miles.

    The blisters range in size from 2cm diameter to the whole ball of the foot!

    Does anyone have any suggestions that may help these runners complete the course without the blisters reoccuring?


  2. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Roddy,

    :welcome: to Podiatry Arena.

    Keyword tags shows the following previous discussions on blisters: http://www.podiatry-arena.com/podiatry-forum/tags/index.php?tag=/blisters/

    All the best,


    PS. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    My tip would be not to run 95 miles in the first place. No risk of blistering then. :rolleyes:
  3. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Hi Roddy, I recently helped out at the OXFAM walk here in Victoria, teams of 4 have to walk 100 kiloms' in 48 hours.
    I had the priveledge to give a foot rub and check out to the oldest walker 76! Not a blister or bruised nail. His secret vaseline entire foot at each stop. Seemed to work. Favourite of others was flexible material taping pre event, that works for some, did not move. The biggest causes of the blisters I saw where inappropriate shoe sizes and the shoes not adjusted well.
    Prevention is certainly the best option. Tea socks to harden up skin is another reported prevention, have not seen it myself. Flexible materail tapes seem to hold dressings and padding better than anything eg HYPAFIX type.
  4. Roddy

    Roddy Member


    Thanks for that, i will try to get the Vaseline advice onto the pre race advice sheet, and ensure that i have plenty of Hypafix at each medical station.
  5. Bignectar

    Bignectar Member

    Ive heard of Vaseline and other lubricants bought at running stores working for some people but theyve never worked for me. Apart from using expensive felts, molefoam etc. the only thing that works for me is many layers of taping.

    If the blister area is on the bottom of the foot use a longer piece of taping and adhere one or both sides to the top of the foot. Makes it less likely to come off.

  6. NeedingMassage

    NeedingMassage Active Member

    If they must, perhaps they need to stop 'running' and learn to use body (and feet) more efficiently.
    A recent client of mine is training for a trans Australia 'run' for charity but had not even heard of Cliff Young's Shuffle. Maybe the younger generations need to be introduced to this legend of 1980's real ultramarathon and his exploits e.g. 1983, 61 years old, Sydney to Melbourne, 875km, five days, 15 hours and four minutes, etc!
  7. podesh

    podesh Active Member

    Hi Roddy

    I competed in the Marathon Des Sables and taped by feet with Leukotape, where I knew I would be likely to blister. Double layer socks are also good. I did all my training with tape and double socks, I don't usually blister, but carrying a 10kg bag made a big difference to my feet.

    Good luck.


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