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Blisters or not?!!

Discussion in 'Foot Health Forum' started by pink9876pumps, Apr 23, 2009.

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    I hope this is in the correct place!
    I have a problem I wanted to ask about?
    Both of my feet have what look like blisters on (picture attatched) and I've had them for over year (I always get blisters). My doctor has tried me on cream for eczema and also now for a fungal infection, but it's just not shifting. I'm seeing a podiatrist in a few weeks, but I just wondered if anyone had any ideas what it could be?
    I'm currently breaking in my wedding shoes (which aren't that high or tight-they're hush puppies) and it's proving very difficult!

    I've also been diagnosed with fallen arches, is it alright to get some supports before I see the podaiatrist to get me through my wedding which takes places before my appointment?[​IMG]
  2. delpod

    delpod Active Member

    it is difficult to see anything substantial in the picture provided however it does not appear to be a blister (no evidence of localised fluid under the tissue). It looks to be more along the lines of "irritation", quite possibly due to your footwear. Perhpas there is enough irritation to be causing you some discomfort but not enough to result in a lesion. You may want to consider a wider fitting shoe if this has been an ongoing problem.
  3. Thanks for your reply.
    The thing is it's difficult to find wide fitting shoes, especially when I already wear quite good trainers all the time and never wear anything narrow as I have wbroad feet. Any good places you would recommend?
    Is it definitely not likely to be a fungal infection though?

    They started out as blisters and now they're just always sore and it's over a year I've had them and I've gone through a few different pairs of shoes since...
  4. delpod

    delpod Active Member

    Is there any itching/stinging/burning type sensations in the area? is there any redness between the toes? if not, my guess would be that it is not a fungal infections...such infections usually present in areas where there is an increased amount of moisture (i.e. between the toes) - infection can make its way to other areas of the foot however it usually starts in these areas.

    So its reasonable to assume that you dont have a fungal infection, however there are only so many conclusions you can draw without seeing the foot in the flesh!

    Unfortunately it can be very difficult to fit ladies shoes to a wider forefoot as fashion and basic sizing usually limits the width in the front of the shoe. You may want to consider trying men's sized trainers in order to find something that fits your width a little better. As for those narrow fashion shoes, everything in moderation! :cool:
  5. No stinging etc no...just sore like blisters are.

    But if it was a fungal infection, would it really last this long? Even when I've been trying to treat it with different creams for about 3 months?

    I always wear good broad trainers, and even if I wear shoes, they're always so broad they look rubbish, and only a few times a year!
    I can't even wear in my wedding shoes, I'm not sure what to do.

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