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Care Pathways for podiatry

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Cameron, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member

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    How much experience do you have with health contracts (with patients) and care pathways for podiatry?

    Would like to know.


  2. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member


    Clinical pathways Podiatry

    Care Pathway

    A model or template which provides a set of inter-related types of activity for a given Health Issue. It identifies the types of action to do / not to do appropriate to the health issue it is for. It is likely to include types of action recommended by one (or more) protocol, and should include those to be performed by all the staff disciplines involved. It contains types of goal and the sequence of actions specific to the health issue. It will be used to record the care provided for that issue and their outcomes for individual patients. A care pathway may also indicate any constraints on the staff discipline that may perform a specific activity (and may name the individual who should perform it). A model care pathway is a living structure that evolves, subject to version control, according to the outcomes of its use and advances in clinical practice and technology.

    Care Plan
    All the activities that are planned to happen / should not happen for the patient for all health issues for which the patient is currently receiving care. It will involve intended interventions of every assigned CP that the patient is using, plus any other interventions that relate to health issues not included within the model Care Plan

    Integrated care pathway (falls) care pathway podiatry&hl=en

    Podiatric Surgery Pathways

    Podophyllum Treatment

    Type II Diabetes care pathway podiatry&hl=en care pathway podiatry&hl=en care pathway podiatry&hl=en
    http://www.diabetes.audit-commission.gov.uk/casestudies/examples/worthing/printable.htm care pathway podiatry&hl=en
    Heel Pain care pathway podiatry&hl=en
  3. Sean Millar

    Sean Millar Active Member

  4. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member

    Thanks SEan

    These are very helpful. What I am after is an agreed pathway between doctor and podiatrist in regard to the pharmacuetical management of a client. Specific to identifying the actual drug therapies podiatrists can legally re-issue repeat prescriptions for (under the supplementary prescribers legislation) So far I have not been able to find actual examples. Very strange, and more interesting , no satifactory reason.

  5. Hi,
    I think the development of these pathways particularly as a means of developing standard practice in podiatry departments is essential.
    I'm interested in these pathways for common musculoskeletal problems in podiatry. Has anyone out there got anything in place at the moment and are they willing to share this information?

  6. martinharvey

    martinharvey Active Member


    Cameron, are these the kind of links you are looking for?




    PS. Have always wanted to ask. Who is your Avatar, what is he doing, is it legal and what is he doing it to?

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