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Chiropody in Ontario

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by marzhardy@yahoo.com, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. marzhardy@yahoo.com

    marzhardy@yahoo.com Welcome New Poster

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    I practice in Ontario. Our profession is extremely fractured as the Podiatrists do not accept Chiropodists. If we worked together as a team to strengthen our profession instead of worrying about semantics and fighting one another we could attack the enemies from outside our profession, rather than from within. There are more orthotics dispensed by chiropractors than all the chiropodists and podiatrists put together in Canada, Ontario or the U.S.. That is not counting physiotherapists, medical doctors. pethorists, massage therapists, etc.. We should be the only specialist that have the required training to diagnose and dispense custom orthotics.

    Yours in Health, Marz Hardy D.Ch., B.Sc. Podiatric Medicine

    P.S. Let's work together for the common good.
  2. simonf

    simonf Active Member

    Not being funny, but why?

    Can you back this assertion up with any facts that would support this position?

    Oh and Welcome to the forum by the way:dizzy:
  3. bpod

    bpod Active Member

    Hey Marz,
    Great to see more Canadians involved with podarena!

    What I see out here in the realm of orthotics is that they are often prescribed with little attention to the presenting condition i.e. under assessed or diagnosed, by some health professionals (be it pods, pedorthists, physios or chiropractors). Many companies here seem to fit the exact same orthotic/insole rx regardless whether they are a 35 year old runner with PTTD or an 85 year old diabetic with ulcers. That can be frustrating!

    Sue Davidge
  4. camkitchen

    camkitchen Member

    I agree with respect to weeding out those who have no background in the hands on fabrication of Orthotics and and other Orthopaedic devices. This has needed attention for some time and needs to be delved into pronto for the sake of all legitimate practitioners. Here in Niagara region, I have 200+ Chiroprcators all dispensing (cookie cutter) non custom devices, yet are billed as customs to patients and their group benefit plans. I could close my doors today to all 1st time Orthotic needing patients, as over 50% of my present practice is made up of replacing devices that should have never been dispensed. Unfortunately, I am also seeing the same methodologies in place from my local Chiropodists and Podiatrists and Pedorthists who use disputable labs to fabricate on their behalf. It appears there is more interest in making a fast buck, than the satisfaction gained by taking care of others needs.

    I really think that both Chiropodists and Podiatrists need to work together and look within before looking over the fence to find targets to through stones at. 30 years in evaluating and fabrication Othopaedic devices of all kinds and I am still seeing the same practices in place. Free shoes to bait in patients only to dispense a $5.00 device and charge $500.00, is wrong on so many levels but sadly seems to be the norm in my Region. No adequate evaluation of patients needs or assessment, not even a follow up to verify fit and function long-term. Last week I stopped into Chiropractors office to drop off bracing samples, and over heard a conversation between patient and practitioner. He said to his patient, "if these don't work they make really good door stops". Needless to say I left with my samples, but this gave me the reasons for why so many Medical Doctors and their patients are very skeptical to attempt Orthotic Therapy. I have to undo a lot of myths and untruths these days working my way backwards through their previous experiences undoing the damage done.


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