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Competing Theories of Foot Biomechanics Lectures

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by EdGlaser, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. EdGlaser

    EdGlaser Active Member

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    Here is a link to the play list of my lectures from the "Competing Theories of Foot Biomechanics" seminar at Rosalind Franklin University on Saturday, November 13th, 2010. It includes the morning lecture "MASS Posture: The Biomechanics of Functional Control", the afternoon lecture "Single Axis Theories vs. MASS Posture" as well as my summation "The Future of Foot Biomechanics". There is also a brief overview by Dr. Leslie Trotter of a section of a McMasters University study "The Effects of Foot Orthoses on Pronation Torque". Click on the link or insert it into your browser to view the play list and watch the lectures.


    Dr. Ed Glaser

    Here is the link:

  2. Could you please put a few more tags onto this thread?:rolleyes: Anyone? Anyone?...

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  3. Graham

    Graham RIP

    Weebles woddle but they don't fall down!

    Might be before your time!!
  4. No man, weebles "wobble" but they don't fall down. Couldn't find one with a beard and talking ****e, but then I haven't looked at Ed's link yet. Very much of my time. As I recall, originally marketed by Airfix in the UK.
  5. Are there links for anyone else who gave lectures ???
  6. Good call, brother.
  7. pnunan

    pnunan Member

    Ed basically buys his way in to those lectures. There is never anyone else lecturing.
  8. cpoc103

    cpoc103 Active Member

    I still don't understand why he keeps harking on about single axis theories. No pod I know uses a single axis theory, but rather prescribes a device for entire foot and leg function. Is this guy a podiatrist or just the CEO of an orthoses lab/ company??
  9. Both i beleive , Ed is a bit like the guy who goes to a country that speaks a different tongue to his and yells because by talking louder and saying the same thing over and over again suddenly everyone will understand him. Ed just thinks people will say your right if he keeps saying the same thing over and over again. Even after we say we dont use single axis theory, but he will keep saying it anyway
  10. EdGlaser

    EdGlaser Active Member

    Very good question. Dr Kirby and others refused to have Greg, our videograher, tape their lectures. The school did tape the lectures. Too bad I was going to put him in a bunny suit with Adobe Aftereffects. I don't understand the irrational fear of people hearing what you have to say.
    The school a-v squad student ran out of tapes early so we gave him enough to complete the shoot.....so I know it was filmed.....of at least they had enough tape in the camera.
    What the school does with their video, I have no control of.
    I guess they will have to get the permission of the speakers to release it.
    I wish it would go up. It gives the overwhelming impression to the audience that Dr. Kirby is speaking about ONE axis....and that is confirmed in the workshop where ONE axis is drawn. But of course that would not make SALRE a single axis theory.....unless you looked.

  11. EdGlaser

    EdGlaser Active Member

    Actually, I agree with Craig on closing that thread. It was no longer of biomechanical importance. Closing this thread would be fine for me. I only put up the video as I promised I would, for all to see, and I see many are looking at it. It makes an important distinction between Single Axis and Postural Theory.
  12. To be honest I'm not wildly interested in a comparison between Postural theory and Single Axis. I don't know anyone who uses a single Axis theory. Honestly I don't!

    A comparison between Postural theory and Tissue stress, now that would be a show I'd want to see! If that show comes to the UK I'd happily do that one with you!

    Speaking for myself, I would have a few concerns about that as well. The videos are (rather well) edited. I would have concerns as to whether it would be released uncut in its entirity or in a way which would appear prejudiced. Lets be honest, these gigs are about promoting the MASS concept (nothing wrong with that) and having the MASS team produce the video has potential. But for that particular gig, I would play.
  13. EdGlaser

    EdGlaser Active Member

    Dr. Noonan,
    I really have nothing to do with scheduling or arranging travel for my lectures. I have found it efficient to delegate those tasks so that I can concentrate on what I love, inventing new technology that looks at the foot in a new way....ways of measuring and evaluating foot function.
    It sounds like you know more about my lecture bookings than me. I could call the person that does this for me but since you know all the details; What deal do I have with the Georgia Podiatric Medical Association to speak Feb. 16th. They called me and said that they had so many requests for my lecture that they wanted to see if I was available and willing to speak (this will make my third lecture to that group). I said, Of Course!! and passed it on to Al. I have no idea if they are paying me, paying my travel or what. You seem to be more concerned about it and are in the loop...... aparently.....

    When I walk out of my office, they give me an itinerary which follows a copy via email. Every detail is worked out in advance by my staff. I don't concern myself with that. Lots of times I am handed checks by the scientific chairs following a meeting. I just keep the envelope sealed and hand it to my CFO, because I have no idea if it is right or not....and frankly I don't care.

    Don't get me wrong. I do steer the ship but from a different vantage point. I pull a real time (up to the second) Balance Sheet and P & L every day. I monitor KPI's (key performance indicators of my business daily. That takes just a few minutes from anywhere in the world. I wouldn't drill down into an income or expense like that unless it was significant.

    Like when the APMA paid all my travel and five days in Hawaii to speak for 25 minutes and be on a panel...and paid me $2500.00. I love when that happens.

    I hope you derive some satisfaction from knowing the intimate details of my lecture bookings.....I'm glad one of us is looking at that....I'm not.

  14. EdGlaser

    EdGlaser Active Member

    I should introduce you to Dr. Kirby. He teaches a single axis model called SALRE.

    Greg, our videographer took the exact lecture that I delivered and put in the slides that I used except for one that said "The n" was a different font and needs to be fixed. We did not alter a single syllable of content. Greg's work is exemplary....thank you....I will tell him you complimented his work. Think about this from a cameraman's point of view. You have all the graphics and animations already. Your best footage at the lecture, is the lecturer because you can cut in the exact slide that is being displayed.

    I would love to talk on how the tissues stress theory is best served by full contact, MASS devices because of the reduction of hot spots allowing for a greater corrective force to be applied over a greater area. There is no doubt that tissue stress reduction is best accomplished by postural change....and I would think that is relatively easy to prove with an F scan.


  15. pnunan

    pnunan Member

    First Ed, spell my name right. Second, it is the schools that have told me your lab underwrites your lecture appearances at the schools which is what this is about. Don't give a rat's ass about how often you speak to Georgia or any other state. The fact of the matter is you speak alone, not challenged by anyone in a live debate. You are selling a product, which many disagree with your theories. You are abrasive if anyone does not like your theories. You also change people's postings. I mentioned nothing about other meetings other than the school meetings. Because your lab has underwritten your fees in the past you are essentially buying access to students. I have mentioned before which you ignore, plan an open debate with Kevin Kirby, Doug Richie, Jeff Root, Dennis Shavelson and others. Bring in Beno Ng and other well known biomechanists. Debate in a civil manner.
  16. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Ed grow a pair and do as Dr. Nunan suggests. I watched the videos of your recent sales pitch in which you claim you whooped Kevin's (_(_) and all I saw was the same old sorry excuse for a theory you've regurgitated ad nauseum at paid events as Dr. Nunan suggests.

    You haven't disproved a single thing with regard to SALRE, nor have you proven anything relevant that MASSSS is either an acceptable theory, nor that it functions as you assert. It is all wild speculation on your part to make a buck.

    You and your little beehive of the elucidated sat around for a long, long time and came up with the most pusillanimous attack on credible theories and research that I have ever witnessed in a professional forum and failed miserably. You even destroyed your own credibility in doing so. This constant, unsubstantiated blather is beyond puny and tired.

    Quit with the Straw Man obsession with Root, Kevin, SALRE and anything else that is credible, that has science, research and weight behind it and PROVE YOUR ASSERTIONS.

    He is a retired podiatrist and CEO of a lab and a lab that sells mainly to my profession, chiropractic. The answer as to why he is stuck like a broken record on the single axis bit is found here:

  17. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    And quit referring to yourself as an engineer. Produce your credentials or cease misrepresenting that you possess them and that you have never lied about referring to yourself as an engineer:


    Posted at solesupportstv on youtube on march 4,2010-12-15
    at 8:09 Ed once again references himself as an engineer, a degree which he does not hold although he continues to refer to these credentials and then deny it.
  18. lol. Never heard of the guy ;).

    Seriously though. What you are talking about in your lecture is not really that relevant to how I use SALRE. That's not me taking a swipe at you, you have no way of know how people have interpreted Kevins work. Perhaps you've understood it better than me and you are addressing the REAL salre, I don't know. My point is that in terms of comparison to MASS, most (all) people on this site would describe their practice as tissue stress. So if you want to educate people as to why they should change what they do, I think you'd be better served using that as your "foil".

    And I'd love to see that show! Not sure how f scan would prove this mind, f scan can't measure internal kinetics!

    If we could manage to keep the thread civil, that would be a good thread to run too. I'm a bit bored of how scrappy these threads have become though. The sarcasm and sniping seems to have crept back in again. Which is a shame!

    You're the guy with the resources, how's your tech guy on video conferencing? What method best serves tissue stress is a good question. Live web debate anyone?
  19. drsha

    drsha Banned


    Just finished reviewing your lectures (I and II) on The Future of Biomechanics.

    As I have always maintained, "you are the future of biomechanics for the masses" Your machines will be in Walmarts and CVS's around the world and I am so pleased to know that you and my profession was the ROOT of it all.

    You go man>

    My question to you is what is the future of biomechanics when it comes to our profession as you and I know that you can teach your casting method to a 12 year old with pimples who then puts the two boxes into the unit that goes to the lab that produces the MASS device.
    That means the chiro/PT/Shoe clerk/athletic trainer and even two boxes on the internet, in addition to DPM's are the targets of your marketing and justifiably so.

    You are a patient advocate and I am so pleased to see you thrive at that level.

    But what does this mean to Podiatry in your future plans.

    We are the two that agree that MASS or Vaulting and postural care of the foot is the foundation of foot and postural care. These other guys are lost in their pronated STJ Neutral genotype.

    However, we differ , professionally that pedal evaluation and custom casting, ORF's and Muscle Engine evaluation and training also plays a part in the professional care of the foot and posture. That is the job of the DPM in the future of biomechanics and my functional foot typing and foot centering padding system is the current paradigm that will keep the Podiatrist professionally in the box that will live outside yours.

    Please consider our profession for the future as providing functional foot typing and foot type specific casting, ORF and muscle engine training for advanced cases or those that for some reason, do not work out in MASS devices.

    I say that as an advocate of podiatry and patients both.
    We need to maintain a doc in the box.

    Happy Holiday to you and yours.

  20. EdGlaser

    EdGlaser Active Member


    No, my machines will not be in Walmart or CVS. Where did you get that? They will be in the offices of health care professionals, like Podiatrist, all over the world.

  21. drsha

    drsha Banned

    Sorry Ed:

    Please remove Walmart, CVS and internet from my posting and reply.

  22. Apart from the bit about everyone else still using stj neutral casting, which is pure fantasy, this is actually not a bad point from dennis. If the paradigm is based on the casting position (and so far as I know sole supports don't use any other position) and that position is easy to learn (it is) then how long before someone puts two and two together and starts punting them out at 40 quid a pop from the shoe shop up the street? After all, mass requires no assessment or diagnosis so it does not need a podiatrist. Any trained monkey who can do mass casting can undercut you!

    Good point dennis. I second the motion for a reply.
  23. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Apparently Ed has 'tapped out', submission by rear naked post.

    Keep ignoring the hard questions I have asked and the damning evidence Ed. It makes you look bad. Worse than not responding is waiting for weeks to respond as if it will just go away and buying time for you and your employees to come up with one of your patented double entendre obfuscations. Better yet, how about another loquacious Straw Man defense?:butcher:
  24. drsha

    drsha Banned

    As there has not been a reply to my request for Dr. Glaser to revisit my question without Walmart, CVS and the Internet included, I would like to inform those who may not know it but I started an adjacent thread:

    MASS Orthotics Require No Podiatrist; Functional Foot Typing Does

    Which has gotten to the point, without Dr. Glasers involvment, where the other major posters seemed to have paved the way for an open debate of the subject that I raised as to The Future of Podiatry within the context of Dr. Glaser's "Future of Biomechanics" to proceed.

    This circumstance seems rare for these pages and may relate to the importance of this very issue for most of us involved in FLEB.

    With Dr. Glaser's lack of a recent posting on either site for some time and because I have never, to my recollection met, spoken or had an email exchange with him, I cannot deduce his reasoning for the lack of a reply to my question. That remains for Ed to explain.

    All I can do is assume that Ed's non response means that he agrees with my premise that although his MASS Theory elevates the scope of Biomechanics for many professionals and non professionals in order to provide better Biomechanical care for the foot suffering public, it reduces or eliminates the need for the foundational education and practical experience that has kept Podiatry at the top of The FLEB Pyramid for decades, morphing them into the less capable group of practitioners of MASS as someone taking two foam casts and placing them into a MASS Evaluatiion Box therefore eliminating our profession's role in biomechanics in the future.

    I will also have to consider, after waiting for his response another day, beginning my ten posts without Ed's involvement and conduct a one sided open debate.

    I apologize if I have diverted the purpose of this thread for its interested readers.

    Dr Sha

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