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Covid 19 advice for podiatrists

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Philip Clayton, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. Philip Clayton

    Philip Clayton Active Member

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    I have looked and not seen any advice for our profession? As well as the prospect of loosing everything I've worked for for the last 33 years I really am not sure what advice has been given or is relevant? As the majority of my patients are elderly (private only practise) I like most of you face the prospect of mass cancellations and isolation for up to four months, but before it really takes hold what are we supposed to treat and what to avoid - nail dust etc? How should we prepare our surgery and domiciliary visits? As of now I personally have had no advice sent by our governing body or institution - surely some advice should have come our way by now especially as we are required to furnish them with our funds each year!
    On a personal note I wish you all stay well and avoid the virus and remain financially solvent until this Armageddon ends!
  2. Mark T Mackenzie

    Mark T Mackenzie Welcome New Poster

    Hi Phil

    I'm new here, having just registered with the hope I might find some info on just how we are supposed to come through this with our Businesses in tact.

    So far, as you commented quite rightly, there is nothing to be found that might give us the slightest hope and it seems certain the over 70's will be instructed within the next few weeks.

    I've just sent an email to the 'Business Support Helpline' part of the 'gov.uk' site. I'm not holding out any hope of a detailed reply though. As I see things, the likelihood of any financial support is remote unless we're already claiming some sort of welfare!

    If I get anything back of any consequence, I will post on here.

    Cheers and keep well

  3. Philip Clayton

    Philip Clayton Active Member

    Thanks Mark - it's all scary stuff and it is a time when we need some leadership and best practice advice. Surely the HCPC should be contacting us all and letting us know what to do? Once the public are quarantined at home I think the only patients we see will be people with infections and needing urgent care. What do we do with our waste etc? Most of our suppliers have run out of the basic skin cleansers masks gloves etc - podiatryworld.com had some supplies but limiting number sensibly.
    Kind regards
  4. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Depends where you are.
    The Australian Podiatry Association has produced for members a poster to print to put up in the clinic and also a "meme" for social media post for podiatry clinics.
  5. Mark_M

    Mark_M Active Member

    Hi Phil,
    Im not sure where you are. In Australia our association has given us some guidelines.
    Lucky for us , Podiatrists have all been trained in infection prevention and control.
    Here is some info from our association
    All standard infection control measures as outlined in the guidelines should be followed. Some additional measures may include:
    • A screening process to assess patients prior to attendance. (detailed below)
    • Additional waste receptacles being made available in a common area, so people can dispose of tissues immediately after use
    • The provision of alcohol-based hand rub (60 - 80% alcohol v/v ethanol or equivalent) so patients (and staff) can decontaminate their hands as needed in multiple locations throughout the practice
    • Education of all staff on the importance of hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
    • Education of staff on how to identify symptoms of the virus in themselves and patients. Details on COVID-19 signs and symptoms can be found here:
    • Displaying posters and signage on COVID-19 symptoms and hand hygiene / respiratory hygiene around the practice.
    Hope that helps
  6. fishpod

    fishpod Well-Known Member

    Hcpc useless society useless institute useless no advice out there I expect I'll be fishing. Alot

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