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domiciliary criteria

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Maureen Hillier, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Maureen Hillier

    Maureen Hillier Welcome New Poster

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    How do you decide who is eligible for dom visits in your NHS trust?
    Do you use any criteria?:morning:
  2. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Maureen & :welcome::welcome:to Podiatry Arena.

    I notice you have posted your question in the forum too :good:

    Hopefully you should get some response soon.

    Best regards,

  3. emmasweet

    emmasweet Member


    we had a massive problem with so many people on our dom list as everyone and their granny (haha) was getting a dom due to our podiatrists being soft touches!! with the increase in an aging population and increase in younger high risk patients r dom list was going out of control and review times were soring unfortunately. we had people who had dn and gp going out to them and they thought it was their right to be treated at home even if they were able to go into town!! so we have now got tough and nearly everyone is adiding by our policy that only people who are chairbound or bedbound receive dom visits. that is our policy set in stone. however, its the podiatrists decression on patients who have chronic wounds who shouldnt really be weightbearing, terminal patients, one off visits if patients who have been discharged from hospital after surgery that kind of thing. even people who go out the odd time with family or just sundays when people would bring them out are being told that they have to come to clinic. obviously patients are not happy but we are trying to give a better service where we can see more aptients in clinic than at home, therefore reducing waiting times in theory!! i hope this helps?
  4. Maureen Hillier

    Maureen Hillier Welcome New Poster

    Thanks for that. You have a similar problem to us. Do you use any form of scored checklist to determine who should be able to be seen at home for the reasons specified.
  5. emmasweet

    emmasweet Member

    no we dont have a criteria list i had made one but to be honest many of r podiatrists wouldnt use it. basically if you are confined to the chair/bed, mental health were they would never leave the house, chronic ulcers who find it hard to leave to house and terminal patients are priority. we have reduced the list by at least half!! people who leave the house once a week or month r being told to come back into clinic.

    obviously the patients complain :craig: but once you explain the better review times, more equipment for treatment and cleaniness and that it takes twice as much time for a dom than a clinic appointment they sometimes come round. we have ahd a few who refuse to come in and we have said (to a degree) that they were a provding treatment for them just in clinic and it is them who is refusing by not attending. :bash:

    it is like banging your head against a wall sometimes and we have had many an arguement and written complaint by the family but if you look at it overall it works so much better and the service will eventually become better and efficiant. i hope this helps??

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