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Dr Craig Payne's Secret "IGNORE LIST" on The Podiatry Arena Revealed by Kevin Kirby DPM

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by drsha, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. drsha

    drsha Banned

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    This posting appeared on another thread started by Blinda that challenged me to defend the content of an article that I published and delivered at The American Academy of Dermatology in 2007.

    If this posting is accurate and not a joke, Dr Craig Payne, creator, webmaster, profiteer, entrepreneur and dictatorial decision maker here on The Podiatry Arena and others have created a secret "iIgnore List" that is available to select members of The Podiatry Arena enabling them to censure the posts of others.

    Even more telling is Dr Kirby's need to expose its existence and gloat about it publicly as I have quoted.

    Until now, as a senior member of The Arena I have not been explained about this option nor has it been made available to me.

    IMHO, this Ignore List is a premeditated dangerous, totalitarian form of internet censorship that has no place on what is being promoted as an open forum by Craig and we deserve to know more about it.

    I call upon Dr Payne and Kevin and others to transparently explain how this List came about. We deserve to know what its short and long term purposes are and why it exists without our knowledge.

    Our members await your response

  2. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    Jeez Denis, i luv ya
    hold on your on my ignore list!
  3. Griff

    Griff Moderator


    Before you embarrass yourself any further it needs to be made clear that everyone has both a 'buddy list' and an 'ignore list'. Add to them whoever you please. This is not Craig's doing FYI; it is a standard format within vBulletin forum software. It has been an option for all members since the conception of the Arena in August 2004. No conspiracy theories I'm afraid.

    Perhaps if when you came on here you spent more time familiarising yourself with the arena rather than picking fights and promoting your foot typing you wouldn't talk yourself into these pickles...
  4. Even though I can't read what DrSha wrote in the first post of this thread (because he is #1 on my ignore list), I think he shouldn't have to feel all alone.

    Therefore, here are the other individuals who I am currently ignoring. As a result of my ignore list, my life has become much, much happier.

    Anyone else want to share their Podiatry Arena "Ignore List"?
  5. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Just to be clear, Dennis; I required an answer to a couple of very simple questions, which you failed to do. My refusal to engage and assist where you are obviously struggling with dermatological concepts is because I am not prepared to indulge you in your childish behaviour any more.

    Please don`t bother to make reply, you are now on my `ignore list`.
  6. Spoilsport !
  7. drsha

    drsha Banned


    If your post is correct, I have once again put my podiatric foot in my mouth and I apologize.

    I hit the search button on my Home Page and put in Ignore List and came up with no information.

    Can I have more information on this option and assuming that you are correct in your counterclaim and we all have this ignore list as an option, I am embarrassed.

    Perhaps I should have posted this on April 1st!

  8. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    No if's... my post is correct. Yes you have once again put your foot in your mouth Dennis. Not me who deserves an apology, but I'd start with Craig and Kevin if I were you...

    No need for assumptions - I am correct in what I say so yes, you should be very embarrassed.

    Just click on anyones name you want to view their profile. There you will see an option to add that individual to your ignore list should you wish.
  9. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Those on my list know who they are. I agree, this facility is enriching.
  10. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Hi Dennis

    Just to offer a little more assistance; you'll find the ignore list option in your profile on the large black bar under the logo that mentions 'foot typing'.

    Hope you find this helpful

    Bill Liggins
  11. drsha

    drsha Banned

    The level of my apology is the level of my apology. Please stop trying to goad me for more.

  12. drsha

    drsha Banned

    Thanks, I will research that further but as I maintain an open scientific mind, I have no sense that I will ever use it. I gain education from most all who participate here, especially, Kevin, Blinda and others not on my Ignore List.

    I wonder what will happen if time reveals that there was even one thing that I have done or said that makes sense biomechnaically even if I am not anyones buddy?
    A "Worth Paying Attention To List? After all, I have been thanked here on The Arena 45 times..

  13. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    I refer you to your original posting on this thread which was in no way relevant to 'biomechanics'.

    Your insulting and wholly inappropriate criticism of Craig:

    " Craig Payne, creator, webmaster, profiteer, entrepreneur and dictatorial decision maker here on The Podiatry Arena and others have created a secret "iIgnore List" that is available to select members of The Podiatry Arena enabling them to censure the posts of others."

    and your seeming inability to offer a fulsome apology, really makes one wonder if you are so unhappy here that you should leave this site and create your own. You will have - presumably - 45 followers.

    Bill Liggins
  14. [​IMG]

    You're not on my ignore list Dennis!

    Endlessly entertaining.

    Craig, you totalitarian you!

    Dennis, there are LOTS of things you've said which made sense biomechanically. Not a great achievement the same can be said of any podiatry student.

    I would humbly opine that the reason people have you on the top secret squirrel keep-it-dark totalitarian internet big brother illuminati censorship list is not because you never say anything useful, its because of stuff like this, and the condescending twaddle you wrote to Belinda. As soon as anyone disagrees with you you spit your dummy.

    If you did not take yourself so seriously, other people might take you more seriously. As it is, you take yourself seriously enough for everyone!

    Lighten up! Seriously. The world is NOT out to get Dennis.
  15. drsha

    drsha Banned

    Mr. or Dr. Liggins:

    In the far past, I accused Craig of not publishing my posts for a few days and then found out that it was my hardware that was at fault. I apologized and sincerely have maintained my zeal to accuse to a minimum as I (and others) sense that I am being harshly judged for the level of my crimes when compared to others committting the same crimes here on The Arena.

    My apology was sincere (a fulsom apology would be by definition a false one)
    Until you educated me to the location and action of the Ignore List, I still had my doubts as others continue to have of me.

    The fact remains (I have confirmed this with two DermPaths and one dermatologist in the last two days) that Blindas iis inaccurate in her accusations that I have low dermatological intellect.

    In psoriasis and certain other toenail dystrophies, there is thickening of the nail matrix to some extent but in onychomycosis and RMT and biomechanical toenail dystrophy, the thickening is coming from the nail bed and the nail plate is normal, PERIOD!

    You guys can be wrong too and I might be correct sometimes (as in this case). Here on The Arena, the judges are the faithful. Thise who dissent are berated and silenced The few who thought the world was flat ended up right in spite of the chiding they took from the powers in control..

    IHere on The Arena, from day one, I was judged from a posture of being money hungry and entrepeneurial which is exaggerated. I was mandated to prove myself when I and others know that youl have no high level proof for what you preach. Might doesn't make right in science. Right does.

    Ian is right in this matter and I am trying to apologize. If the ignore list helps some of you tolerate me, then I too wish to thank Craig. Kevin remains another animal as he has a mean streak for those who do not see things his way and there are places that I do not. I do not call for apologies from him. I am willing to start fresh but I will not proactively apologize to him as I have to Dr Payne. Sorry for the second time Craig.

  16. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    vBulletin is the software that runs a few million other forums, including Podiatry Arena. The 'ignore' and 'buddy' function has been a feature of the vB software for as long as I can remember (at least since prior to 2004). Most other competing forum software have a similar feature. It is a feature that we have had since we started. It is not a secret and its not controlled by me. All members (including you) are free to use it if you want to ignore anyone's posts.

    This has been in our FAQ's since day one (so we not hiding anything and its not a secret):
    There is no conspiracy or secret plot. You need to remove the tinfoil hat. Users are free to use it whenever they do or do not want to.....Just like posters are free to make fools of themselves or not by posting silly allegations.

    All members (including you) are free to add anyone they like to their 'ignore list' so they do not see their posts and that functionality has existed since Podiatry Arena started. If so many are putting you on their ignore list (I did not do it), then you need to ask yourself why.
  17. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    What we really Need is a "Select Member" of the Year Award. Any guess who I nominate for 2013?

    Christ on a motorbike Dennis...:dizzy:
  18. The Shavelson Paradox: Retrograde evolution or evidence of unintelligent design?
  19. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  20. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    Ive ignored all of you.....every single person on this forum is now on my ignore list! Makes it much better because now I just post in every topic and the only person I have to argue with is myself - and guess what I never lose!!! Ultimate win!!!!!!
  21. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the reply. I am a podiatric surgeon hence Mr. However, you may address me as Bill if you wish.

    Scientists address relevancies. The relevancy here is "manners maketh man".

    With good wishes and hope for the future.

    Bill Liggins
  22. drsha

    drsha Banned

    I remain very apologetic for my ignorance and the level to which I took my assumptions. I'm pleased to see my mistakes rectified and righted.

    Please realize that I am not born of mutant parents and I have ranking credentials in our science as you have often disclaimed so meanly. I and Dananberg and Glaser and Dynaflange and the midstance and forefoot contacters and those who prefer a flat RF Post without a medial skive to start every prescription and those who feel that your engineering drawings and diagrams haven't led to any great clinically applicable research in the last 10 years or so yet you call for evidence from those who differ in opinion and those who know that there is a biological, architectural, thinking and dynamic individual sitting before us in our clinics who doesn't follow Newton's Primary Three Laws clinically no matter how hard you sell it say may say and do some things BETTER than you.

    I have no right to make these kinds of misstatements and knee jerk over-reactions but here, on The Arena, knee jerks and assumptiond all I have ever gotten from you.

    Few, if any of you has ever visited functional foot typing honestly IMHO. Sent me a cast, given me a call, wrote me an eamil, asked for information, diagrams, videos, etc. You do to me and my science what I have done to Admin. The difference is that I am taken to task and you are free to lie, exaggerating, misrepresent not only my work but my intentions, my goals, my dreams and my personality to the point that I have an Arena persona that is foreign to those who know me.

    Foot Typing has and will always have a place in biomechanics and the gift that you have offered me throughout all this is none of you, even though you must see some of the obvious, logical positives for profiling feet into subgroups for the purpose of producing better cohorts for care and research, can discuss foot typing in a positive manner because it would be authenticating, credentialing and verifying me and my work. IMHO, you are the losers.

    You have allowed me to turn Foot Typing, Architecture, Morphology, Posture, Position into "F" words on The Arena, tying your hands in return for the way you have tried to tie mine.

    Does anyone have the nerve to say something positive about foot typing (as a topic and not necessarily mine)?

    Does anyone feel that Vaulting has a place in collapsed foot types? Does anyone realize that sagittal and transeverse plane biomechnaics is often more effective that Frontal plane?

    Does anyone understand that STJ Axis location can often be predicted by a patients foot type?

    Does anyone realize that there are faults the are inherent in large cohorts of feet interpersonally that will always reduce the level and import of evidence and research as it applies to isolated cases intrapersonally that need upgrading?

    Does anyone realize that the language for biomechanics in the trenches can stand clarification?

    Does anyone realize that marketing biomechanics has basically failed over the last 40 years and that Wellness Bomechanaics marketing works in the trenches?

    Does anyone realize that you are RF Focused when most pedal biomechanical pathology exists in the forefoot and needs operative and non operative care primarily?

    Does anyone realize that you are Heel-Toe Gait fixated (that's why you hate the barefooters) when we live our lives performing so many tasks that do not rely on heel-toe gait mechanics.

    Do any of you realize that some of what you preach and practice may be wrong or capable of upgrading.

    and most glaring of all....

    What happens if in the future, something that I am saying or thinking or developing turns out to be an upgrade or addition to your current dictums? Who will be the first to apologize?


    PS: I wish I could honestly say that over the years I have been treated fairly and equally as a peer on The Arena but alas, in my value system, when people are treating me unfairly and with undue professionalism and valuation for reasons like Patents, entrepreneurship, making money and having different takes on biomechanics than YOUR definitions of mainstream and biomechanics, I react, and will continue to react in kind.
  23. And how's that research going Dennis

    You know the stuff you promised years ago or that paper explaining fft in a readable form?

    Perhaps energies used else where rather than making a twat of yourself mudslinging especially dumping a bucket of the steaming stuff on yourself.
  24. drsha

    drsha Banned

    About as well as yours.

    If your patients don't have medial knee pain or PTTD, you have little to offer. and those are low level, poorly cohorted, self funded and ..............

    After your personalization of me as a twat, I am putting you on my Ignore List.

    I think using it will calm me down here on The Arena.

    We'll see.

  25. "Please could you stop the noise, I'm trying to get some rest,
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  26. SarahR

    SarahR Active Member

    Thanks for this post Dennis. I needed something to take my mind off the fact that my post surgical regional nerve block has worn off and the oxycodone is not touching my pain. Jeeze.

    Can I trade you problems?
  27. Tkemp

    Tkemp Active Member

    Once on a discussion I disagreed with a comment you had made. The next day I received a very long, aggressive, be-littling, and dare I say down-right rude private message from yourself, all because I had dared to disagree with a comment you had made.

    After that I have had absolutely no desire to communicate with you again. I am making the exception here to point out that the "knee jerk over-reactions" you complain of, you have also made. Which is part of the reason few wish to communicate with you.

    PS- I am not expecting an apology, and do not wish to receive one.
  28. Tkemp:

    Lesson learned....? All the things that Dennis complains of here on Podiatry Arena.....it is OK for Dennis to do to others.....but not OK for others to do to Dennis.
  29. Tkemp

    Tkemp Active Member

    Oh yes, lesson learned very quickly
    :boohoo: leads to :craig: leads to :bang: leads to :deadhorse: leads to :drinks with mates after work :rolleyes:
  30. Rob Kidd

    Rob Kidd Well-Known Member

    For your trivia, it is also a pregnant dogfish..........................
  31. Twat = pregnant dogfish Brilliant the things you learn on the Arena

    Thread turned out much better than it started ;)
  32. blinda

    blinda MVP


    I too made the mistake of expressing a female wild and dangerous opinion. I`m glad to report that I now know my limits;


    You`ll see me at the back row, far right.

    Bearded Bel

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