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FHP say's hi

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by demelzanoo, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. demelzanoo

    demelzanoo Welcome New Poster

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    Hello all

    Thought i would pop in and say hello, i qualified as an FHP in october 07 and have been building my client base up very nicely ever since. It's a very rewarding job as all my clients are always pleased to see me and i work the hours i choose. I work in an area where the NHS chiropody service is nearly non existant and poor due to the serious lack of NHS chipodists. I really hope to use this arena to gain (and offer if i can!) helpful and encouraging advice.

    All the best and hope to chat soon!

  2. Johnpod

    Johnpod Active Member

    Hi Demelzanoo
    Welcome to the Arena! It's good to see that you want to be involved with this community.
  3. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member

    welcome back again? I see you have moderated your post and now do not claim to be doing NHS patients although you are still implying it.

    What can I say without this thread being pulled. ?
  4. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Just stay within the forum rules!
  5. Dido

    Dido Active Member

    Hello Demelzanoo,
    I am wondering what advice you could possibly need, as things seem to be working out very nicely for you?
  6. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member


    You do seem to be extraordinarily vigilant in monitoring these FHP initiated and supported threads.

    Almost it could be said to the point of showing bias.

    As discussed on other threads the majority of the Podiatric world operates under a system of ‘closure of function’. That is a very cosy situation.

    However in the UK we do not. So where you as a respected educator can direst and educate your students and promote Pod A as an educational tool, the same cannot be said for posts from UK FHPs.

    They are outside the regulatory system, because that system has deemed their training not to be adequate for Registration. However they do consistently under the cloak of pseudonyms purport to be the equivalent of Podiatrists.

    When these often erroneous posts are challenged you impose your right to moderate the debate.

    Now have I broken any rules?
  7. Johnpod

    Johnpod Active Member


    An appropriate pseudonym, I suspect?

    What could possibly be your purpose in so closely monitoring an introduction space? Have you no deeper interest in any matter podiatric? Is this your life's work - your contribution to the profession?

    "Podiatry Arena is a forum for communication between foot health professionals and the rules and guidelines for the conduct in the forum reflect that." (Forum Rules, Line 1)

    What gives you the right to condemn FHPs?

    They work legitimately - within the law as it is written. This is not the same as circumventing the law. Nor is it taking advantage of the law. The law is clear - FHPs are legitimate - whether you like it, or not. They do not exist so that you can throw insults at them.

    Look to your own end. Get off other's backs. Others have livings to make too. Others display enthusiasm and energy. You express nothing but vitriol.

    FHPs have existed since the HPC came into existance. FHPs are not regulated by the HPC. That is to say that they are free. Freedom is the most wonderful state. (Please do not try the old 'danger to the public' chestnut because there is no threat demonstrated...no claims, no lost limbs, no proven damage done...in all this time. Nor do they have a £1,000 excess on their insurance and one claim per month as do SCP members).

    I post in defence of FHPs because this industry needs everybody who will turn a hand. One person wanting to do the job is worth ten who are in this profession for status. Are you one of those?
  8. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    No more vigilant than threads on any topic.
    No bias. All posts that break the forum rules are deleted regardless of the topic.
    . Nope. Ony those threads that break forum rules are moderated. Those who are opposed to FHP's are the ones that keep breaking the rules by taking pot shots at posters and not sticking to the issues. Debate points of view, but to not attack the person (you agree to do that when you register here).
    Yes and that is why some of your posts were deleted, specifically the rule to do with being respectful to other posters.

    Stick to the issues and do not attack posters (by all means ague their point of view, but do not take pot shots at them) and we will all be fine.
  9. Dido

    Dido Active Member

    The foot care industry certainly does not need "anyone who will turn a hand", regardless of training levels.
    What the industry needs is Chiropodists/Podiatrists who work within a regulated environment who are accountable and controllable and practise to a demonstrable standard. The reason for the creation of the present legislation was to protect the public - fact. We all know that FHPs operate outwith this.
    Your remarks about status are out of order. As there are so many FHPs who persist in misusing the title Chiropodists/Podiatrist, it seems that status is an issue with them.
    Perhaps you would like to substantiate your statement about SCP "claims"? This is a urban myth that is trotted out on a regulate basis in an attempt to discredit SCP members. I would suggest that you stop sniping and stick to facts, or we will see yet another thread being removed.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2008
  10. Johnpod

    Johnpod Active Member

    Thanks Admin. That says it all.
  11. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member


    "An appropriate pseudonym, I suspect? "

    Is this not an opening 'pot-shot'?

    "What could possibly be your purpose in so closely monitoring an introduction space? Have you no deeper interest in any matter podiatric? Is this your life's work - your contribution to the profession?"

    Could this in anyway be seen as respectful?


    "They work legitimately - within the law as it is written. This is not the same as circumventing the law. Nor is it taking advantage of the law. The law is clear - FHPs are legitimate - whether you like it, or not."

    I disagree.

    "FHPs have existed since the HPC came into existence."

    I would prefer to say 'have existed not since but "because" of the HPC.

    "Freedom is the most wonderful state."

    At last we agree, freedom is wonderful, so with your permission can I go and shoot the neighbour's cat that keeps digging up my plants?

    "I post in defence of FHPs because this industry needs everybody who will turn a hand."

    I disagree. What you describe as 'this industry' IMO is swamped with part timers who fell for the 'pot of gold' peddled by the 'so called' private trainers.

    "One person wanting to do the job, for what ever motivation they have is worth ten who are in this profession for status."

    try telling that to the person that presents with a chronic O/C and suffers the attempts of a FHP trying to dig the spike out.

    Are you one of those?

    Vitriol no. A belief and respect for in a well educated and regulated profession yes.

  12. Johnpod

    Johnpod Active Member


    You condemn yourself. Methinks you doth protest too much.

    The HPC was set up to protect the public against registrant podiatrists, not FHPs (fact).

    Disagree all you wish but my statement re the legitimacy of the FHP is absolutely correct.

    I see you also suffer a predictable difficulty with the concept of freedom. You have the freedom to go and shoot your neighbour's cat if you wish and have no need of my permission. Whether you exercise this freedom is entirely up to yourself.
  13. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member


    I guess this thread has run its course.

    Your last post contributed nothing to the discussion, we now seem to be in a yes/no argument, never productive?

    I have had my say and in your words stand "condemned", of what I do not know, so farewell and good luck on the next course you run.

  14. Dido

    Dido Active Member

    I am having problems following your convoluted arguments.
    What point are you trying to make with this concept of "freedom" as it applies to FHPs? Of course we are all "free". I am free to go and shoot my neighbours cat, his ox, his ass, his maidservant and manservant and even my neighbour himself. The consequence, to me, of this unprovoked killing spree would be the loss of my freedom at Her Majesty's pleasure for the rest of my life. Even Tiddles is protected by the Cruelty to Animals Act.
    However, most of us choose not to take the concept of "freedom" to the latter and choose to live by the Laws of this country even if we do not like some of them very much. There are also moral and ethical considerations to take into account if we want to maintain harmonious relations with our friends and neighbours.
    So, using this model we can see that although we like to think that we live in a "free" country, we do not.
    Therefore FHPs are no more "free" than anyone else. True, they do not have to comply with HPC regulations but are not allowed to purport to be Chiropodist/Podiatrists. We are told that they have to adhere to a Code of Practice (although I have yet to see what that is).
    Since the titles closed in July 2005 until March 2007 there were 599 complaints to the HPC for misuse of title and 330 were about practitioners claiming to be Chiropodist/Podiatrists.
    Ref:- Podiatry Now. page 17 March 2007 Article by HPC Fitness to Practice Director Kelly Johnson.
    So much for "freedom", so, just what is your point?
    PS I am also curious to know why Cornmerchant has been "condemmed"? I hope they have had a hearty breakfast!
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2008
  15. Johnpod

    Johnpod Active Member

    Then, Dido, you are condemned to continue to have problems. My posting is clear and most other readers will have no difficulty whatsoever in understanding my intention.

    If FHPs are indeed no more free to commit sin than anybody else (and I agree that this is so), there is no need of HPC registration since they are already subject to the law of the land. It is your convoluted thinking that says that they ought to live under two layers of legislation.

    Read post 7 again, and try this time to understand its content. Then go and digest it for I have no taste for this meaningless and futile debate.
  16. Dido

    Dido Active Member

    Well Johnpod,
    I consider your response to be arrogant, supercilious, patronising and totally lacking in logic.
    Ipos facto you have have certainly lost me. :confused:
    We were discussing post 12 - concept of freedom, not post 7, please keep up to speed.
    I guess I'd better join Cornmerchant in the condemmed cell - hope the food's good. :D
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2008
  17. Bonvie

    Bonvie Welcome New Poster

    Hi everyone
    I have just joined in the hope of some encouragement and support but I have been saddened and horrified at the comments of some, to the existance of FHP's.
    My background training is in in Holistic Therapies and also in beauty therapies.n Over the past 13 years I have been working with feet as a pedicurist and Reflexologist. over that time I have developed a passion for feet and their welfare to such a point that I felt that I needed a better qualification to go forward with my love of what I was already doing. I have done one basic course to allow me to carry on my work and I am about to embark on further qualifications to give me a full FHP title.
    Now I can hear some of you poo pooing and laughing from here, but I am nearly 56, I have a family to consider, an invalid mother on the premises and a thriving private clinic to run. I ask you - how would I manage 3 years full time at uni??
    I would dearly have loved to train as a Chiropodist?Podiatrist if I felt that I had many more years to give to the profession.
    By becoming an FHP I feel I will be doing the best that I can for my existing and future Patients and with my background (extensive) training I can offer them more than a quick toenail trim!!
    I know the limitations of an FHP and I am prepared to work within them. I hope that I can find a local Chiropodists who respects the work that I do so that I can refer Patients when I have reached my limitations.
    FHP's have no desire to disrespect CH/Pods or to steal from them but work along side them as the nurse is to the doctor. I am quiete happy to do the menial jobs and free up the CH/Pods to do the more interesting ones.
    I am not prepared to go into the in's and out's of CPD points and governing bodies.
    I just want to say that caring for the welfare of the people we treat, in whatever way that we can has got to be the most important issue here and not who has has got the bigger qualifications.
    I will do the best that I can without being looked down upon because my circumstances don't allow me any more
    If I am not welcome on this site then I will seek more knowledge elsewhere but I wll not give up my passion.
  18. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member


  19. Dido

    Dido Active Member

    Hello Bonvie,
    I am pleased to note that do not intend to practice outside your remit as an FHP. However, as the title FHP can be used by anyone regardless of training levels, perhaps you could indicate what your scope of practice, as an FHP, will be?
    If you already have a background in holistic and beauty therapies (which are also unregulated ) it seems you wish to become a type of a hybrid practitioner. As the boundaries of your treatments look a little fuzzy I am wondering how your insurance cover will work in this instance?
  20. Bonvie

    Bonvie Welcome New Poster

    I will try to answer your questions as clearly as possible.
    Cornmerchant - "Is this of any use in Chiropdy?"
    I mentioned this only to inform that I have not spent the last 13 years working in a cake shop or factory and just decided I was going to become an FHP on a whim. I have studied many disciplines all including A&P knowledge and councelling. In answer to your question, yes, I do feel that much of my previous training can be brought to Chiropody. Knowlwdge of the body and how it works along with empathy towards my Patients. I do not see the legs and feet only but the whole person attached to them and sometimes problems with the feet are not always just mechanical.

    I neither want sympathy or a medal, I was merely stateing that I have chosen to work the way I have because being away from home for long periods of time is not acceptable to me. This does not mean that I am incapable of working or studying. Surely you are not going to tell me that there are no Podiatrists that work from a home clinic and have families to think about?
    The reason that I did not go in to CPD points etc is that I expected you to be informed enough to already know the answers. I was wrong.
    Holistic therapies are at present being regulated and yes CPD points have to be gained to allow one to continue practise.
    As an FHP I will also have to gain CPD points and be regulated. You should look into your facts better.
    I know of many Chiropodists that work along side FHP'S and welcome them. FHP's are also trained by Chiropodists to a high standard. I know that you do not stand alone on your thoughts but you do not speak for all and I feel that it is you that needs the synpathy because ignorance is a terrible thing.

    Thank you for being less aggresive and I understand you wanting answers.
    As an FHP I would be dealing with the general care of the feet.Regular checkups, coorns,Verrucae,Hard skin etc. I will not deal with Orthotics,surgery or major disorders of the feet . These I would refer either to a G.P or Chiropodist. I do not want to become a Hybrid Practitioner as I am phasing out my other therapies to concentrate on feet alone, however I still have many patients that I owe my loyalty to and I will continue to treat them as long as they need me.
    I am well insured as an Holistic Therapist and have seperate insurance for footcare totalling several millions. When I am fully qualified my insurance will increase considerably as will my premiums.I pay membership to 3 governing bodies and Insurance to 2.
    I am not a fly-by-night and have given much thought to my options and all I ask is respect and I will quite willingly answer you questions as I would hope that you would answere mine.
    I am sure that cornmerchant(apt name) will tear my comments to shreds but he obviously has nothing better to do.
  21. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member

    Thank you for that reply- I am sure that those of us in our ignorance will sleep sounder at night now , knowing that you intend to do your CPD- although points are actually a thing of the past now, its not about point scoring , more about reflective practise and service user outcomes.

    Would you tell me who will be regulating you? This has slipped past me - I do try to keep up to speed!

    I am quite aware that I do not speak for all - however I am sure that I do voice the worries of more than 50% of pods - dont have actual figures, call it gut feeling.

    May I take this opportunity to patronise your pseudonym- as you were kind enough to patronise mine- I am sure as an FHP you wil indeed have a good life- me, I will carry on farming.

  22. Dido

    Dido Active Member

    Hello Bonvie,
    Thank you for your reply which has answered some of my queries.
    However, I am curious to know what you would class as a "major disorder of the feet"?
    I, as well as Cornmerchant, am also wondering who it is who regulates you, and what sanctions they would impose on you for underperforming in any areas?
  23. Bonvie

    Bonvie Welcome New Poster

    Hi Dido
    problems that I would refer on would be gait problems,malformaties anything that required orthotic experise or surgical intervention.
    Registration is with the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners through which isuarance would be gained for Public Liability and Medical Malpractise.Also, my name being placed on a voluntary register which has been presented to the HPC. Failing to obtain my CPD points would remove my name and not allow me to re-register and therefore not obtain Insurance,therefore not allow me to practise legally as 'indeed' I would not.
  24. Dido

    Dido Active Member

    Hello Bonvie,
    Thank you for your response.
    I have heard of the Alliance's Voluntary Register and understand that it has been presented to the HPC but I am not clear what the purpose of that is. Perhaps you could expound on this?
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2008
  25. ely

    ely Member

    Exciting intro thread...
    For what it's worth, I feel really lucky that there's an FHP/equivalent in my area... It's an alternative for those people who need regular foot care but are ineligible for public sector podiatry and unable to make the upwards of 1.5hr journey to see a private pod. From what I've seen so far she does a good job, doesn't go outside scope of practice/is aware of limitations, and offers a great service in some of the smaller outlying towns. Very valuable resource for the region.
  26. Dido

    Dido Active Member

    I am wondering how you know this Ely, have you supervised her?
    The problem will always be that you don't know that you need the depth and breadth of training that a tertiary level of education provides until you are faced with a problem that needs that underpinning knowledge and skills base.
    People who continue to train in the knowledge that they will never be independently registered and externally regulated only serve to confuse public perception of the Profession of Chiropody and Podiatry.
    IMO they are either naive and have been over-influenced by private training bodies or simply do not care about the status of the Profession.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2008
  27. PodFather

    PodFather Welcome New Poster

    Still here causing trouble.
    Bless you dear.
    Ten years on and I'm back to haunt you and everyone who pretends to be important.
    Blessings to all who care for our fellow mankind.
  28. Greg Nelson

    Greg Nelson Member

    Hi I am new to the forums

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