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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kimfryer, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. kimfryer

    kimfryer Welcome New Poster

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    Hello to all
    I am a qualified nurse plus FHP why do you all hate FHP's so much, I do my very best for all my patients and treat them professionally I carry out all treatment under stringent aseptic techniques. I am aware that Podiatrists have a higher qualification than I have and I respect this , I know that sometimes I have to refer my patients on to either the GP or a Podiatrist and I would not have it any other way I want my patients to have the best care possible and if it's not with me then another Professional, please don't tar us all with the same brush lets all work together to give an outstanding service::confused:
  2. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member

    Welcome Kim to Pod Arena

    I don't believe anyone has said on here that they hate FHP's!?? In fact I know some GREAT ones, who send me patients that they cannot treat usually because they need local anaesthesia for IGTNs or advice. Quite a few Posters on here started out as FHP's and went on and did the Degree course because they wanted to be able to do more challenging treatments - we are a mixed bunch!

    I believe there is a place for everyone in the market-place - although sadly not everyone will refer on and, when I worked in the NHS many came in with problems caused by poor treatment, saying they had been treated by a Pod - only to find out that person was not registered and had said they were registered (with HCPC) when they were not. That is probably more likely the cause of 'problems Pods have with FHPs' to which you are referring?

    Also they are not ALL as stringent with infection control (as you have stated you are) and since my new equipment recently cost me £4,000 - it is not a level playing field when we cost out our expenses, and it is easy to see how some can get annoyed when they undercut our prices - especially in nursing homes where the treatment price is sometimes as low as £8!!!

    With your nursing training and your commitment to referring on to Doctors or Pods - Im pretty certain you wont find us unhelpful or unwelcoming - as what you state is exactly how it should be if we are working always for the benefit of our patients.

    Enjoy this site without worrying about others - for it is a WONDERFUL resource of knowledge coming from Experts all over the world and an endless source of really useful CPD on diverse and fascinating subjects that are truly up-to-date!

    Linda Russell
  3. kimfryer

    kimfryer Welcome New Poster

    Thanks for the reply Linda, I must say I was a bit despondent with some of the opinions I had been reading, I must say that If I was younger and with the great gift of hindsight I would have trained as a podiatrist, but I am 60 now and try to give the best service I can to my patients, I will be using this site to get as much knowledge I can possibly get. Again thanks for reply. Kim Fryer::D

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