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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Alan Whitby, May 19, 2010.

  1. Alan Whitby

    Alan Whitby Member

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    I have lurked on this site for several years, but as yet have kept to less than clinical debate on rival site TFS. I have been in private practice in South Wales for a little over thirty years, and for many years helped organise seminars with the Open Study Group. I look forward to sharing in debate/comment on occasion as appropriate.
  2. Hi Alan :welcome: to posting on the Arena. Look forward to the years of experience in the debates
  3. DALEK

    DALEK Welcome New Poster

    Hi Alan, Sorry to see that OSG seems to have evaporated! I wondered why I had not been sent news of latest seminars; their website hasn't been updated since the cancellation of the Birmingham City seminar due in September, 2009.
    Shame. Will it ever revive? Could I help? (gulp!) I have attended many courses with OSG and would hope it can survive.

    David M Jupp:boohoo:
  4. Alan Whitby

    Alan Whitby Member

    Hi David
    Nice to hear from you. I'm afraid the OSG does appear to have gone - the last seminar would have cost a lot to stage - there weren't enough takers - and there is a lot of competition out there providing CPD now. In its first twenty years the OSG particularly helped those who came from the unregistered route, but the podiatry world has changed since indicative closure. FHPs don't get audited, and some lecturers would only provide services for registrants. Whereas registrants are spoiled for choice. Nothing lasts forever, but I have very happy memories of nearly thirty years of seminars and the people I met at them - and who knows, maybe the Phoenix will rise!
    All good wishes
  5. DALEK

    DALEK Welcome New Poster

    Thanks, Alan, for your very prompt reply. I wish you well.

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