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Heat mouldable carbonfibre/polypropylene shells

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by issy1, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. issy1

    issy1 Active Member

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    I have been sending my foam impression boxes to various orthotic manufacturers over the years for my prescription orthotics. I make my own simple orthotics (have little desk top grinding machine) but don't want the hassle of creating the positive plaster casts. I also sometimes use library type orthotic system which is computer generated and cnc milled. I always find that no matter what orthotic company I use, the orthotics are quite expensive and I end up making many modification to it myself before I have what I want. I have been looking at heat mouldable orthotics recently as I am happy to add eva fillers, heel posts, and forefoot extensions myself and wondered if these heat mouldable systems would capture the orthotic shell. From what I can see, most of these heat mouldable systems seem to be an Eva type material but I would prefer a carbonfibre/polypropylene shell to which I can then add eva filler if necessary. Can anyone tell me if there is a heat mouldable carbonfibre/ polypropylene sytem out there which can be moulded to the patients foot or into the foam box impression? - and if it is any good. Many thanks.

  2. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    Going out on a limb here, because materials is not something I'm expert in, but I would say not.

    Neither of the materials you mention deform or become elastic at the relatively low temps you would need to mould directly to the foot, or to a foam box.
  3. eddavisdpm

    eddavisdpm Active Member

    Northwest Podiatric Lab in Blaine, WA ( http://www.nwpodiatric.com/ ) has a line of excellent carbon fiber pre-fabs known as "Pre-Custom." They use a proprietary carbon graphite fiberglass blend, DBX6, which is remarkably strong yet about 1.5 mm thick. I mold them with a heat gun.

    Such devices are not a substitute for a custom made prescription orthotic but are usefull as one needs something superior to a standard pre-fab device. I also utilize them as orthotics for dress shoes. If a patient already has a custom device and positive casts, one may mold the devices to that cast.

    I doubt that there is a product that could be heat molded in a foam box considering the effect that heat would have on the foam. It is relatively easy to pour plaster into the foam box to create an uncorrected positive cast.
  4. Lab Guy

    Lab Guy Well-Known Member


  5. I got a pair of these that they made for me at a PFOLA meeting some years ago. They're not bad. Not sure what the exact material is, but they look and perform similar to a polyprop. device.
  6. Bruce McLaggan

    Bruce McLaggan Active Member

  7. CEM

    CEM Active Member

    +1 for the DBX6 product from northwest podiatric, if you need their UK contact details message me and i will dig them out

    the product is moulded either with a heat gun or an oven, normally it is pulled over a positive but i wonder if it could be moulded direct to the foot with a stockinette over the foot to protect form the heat, again i can find out if this works form my contact at their labs in the US
  8. issy1

    issy1 Active Member


    Not sure where you're from but do you know if JMOrthotics have a U.k. Rep. or can you only buy directly from U.S?

    Thanks Issy
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2013
  9. footdoctor

    footdoctor Active Member

    Hi issy.

    These polypro prefabs are heat moldable and easily modified.

    They are relatively inexpensive too.

    U.S based, so maybe consider a bulk order to make it feasible.



  10. Chris Webb

    Chris Webb Member

    Hi issy

    If your interested in JM orthotics let inbox me as I would be able to provide you with all the details if your based in the uk.

    Kind Regards


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