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Hello every body

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Greg Gregson, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Greg Gregson

    Greg Gregson Member

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    Hello all,

    (insert witty formality here)

    Just signing on to this much heard about arena. Not sure that I will be much help to anyone in a podiatric sense but if you are on the punt I can help out with doing the form.

    Catch up later,
  2. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Greg,

    May I ask where is Connewarre?

    Geography is not my strong point.

    Hope the greyhounds are doing well.

  3. Greg Gregson

    Greg Gregson Member

    G'day Twirly,
    Connewarre is basically between Geelong and Torquay (start of the Great Ocean Rd) in the state of Victoria, Australia.
    The dogs are fine. Currently we have one learning to race, one about to race and one old girl who is over racing who is actually by an Irish sire who stands in the UK. They find the summer a little warm here but are spoilt and love running and swimming at the beach. I check their gait patterns in the sand to put a podiatric slant on it for you.
    I was in the UK in 2003 and actually saw some racing at Wimbledon - the English Derby heats.
    Where exactly are you? and who is your premier league team?
  4. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Greg,

    My location is Conisbrough, South Yorkshire, UK. (Best Norman castle keep in the world apparently & also mentioned in the Domesday book).

    Natives are friendly, beer is cheap (wahay) & you need a translation expert to understand the lingo. :empathy:


    Spice = sweets

    Oil = a hole

    Coit = coat

    Tap oil = Non-family area in public house

    Best side = Public house encorporating upholstery & an assortment of soft furnishing

    Chip oil = Chip shop

    Mate n tater = steak & potato pie

    Sloppy pase = mushy peas (local delicacy)

    Bairns = small Yorkshire folk, not exceeding 16lbs weight / 2ft in height (usually children)

    Dee Dar = gentleman from Sheffield

    Thee thar = gentleman from Barnsley

    Shirropodist = me n folk of my ilk

    Bobbies = our beloved police force

    Archeries = human circulatory system

    Hospiccal = Professional accomodation for very clever doctors & knowledgable folk

    Pidgeon = beloved & much sought after local bird of paradise

    T'osses = equine creatures

    Thar nos = one who is enabled with the gift of knowledge

    Just a taster of our local dialect for those wishing to visit the beautiful county of Yorkshire.

    I moved here 17 years ago, married a chap from Barnsley & have never been more content.

    You 2nd Q. regarding premier football: Hmmmmmmmmm, methinks any chap showin their thighs is premier stuff but Himself follows Celtic (good Catholic bhoy)so I see more Hoopy thighs than any others. N very nice they are too. ;)

    Phwoar :D


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