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Hello everyone

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Suzanne RN, Mar 21, 2021.

  1. Suzanne RN

    Suzanne RN Welcome New Poster

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    I'm a Foot Care RN mobile clinic, with an extensive clinical background from Oxford and London U.K, then overseas in Canada where I eventually took the course in foot care nursing and then started doing it when I started my own business mainly serving seniors, diabetics and disabled in their own homes, PPE infection control practices etc incorporated. Some foot nurses have their own clinics but I found not enough do in home care and not everyone can get out to a clinic easily, I always enjoyed home care Nursing too.

    I network with Chiropodists and Podiatrists and we refer each other, in fact I get referrals via different channels not what I expected, but many are word of mouth, doctors, insurance companies etc. I also network with other Foot nurses in the country as some patients seek care in different areas so we tend to post out to help them find a provider, I network with some back in England too. We screen diabetics with a foot screening tool and refer accordingly when needed.

    I keep up to date with webinars, research online, diabetescanada.ca as well as diabetes.uk, and a Nursing journal, and I attend annual foot conferences.

    Only foot Nurses, podiatrists and chiropodists are allowed to do foot care in Canada, for safety reasons. I generally get contacted for finger nails trims too as residential and nursing home general staff are not allowed to do it due to the risks involved.

    I see many fungal nail infections, and find debriding as well as treating those with anti-fungal ointments daily is what works best I find, again having researched the effectiveness of ointments first, I see many improve over time as a result, especially with patient compliance. Debriding alone doesn't fix the problem. The Toe Bro, if you have heard of him educates at our foot conferences each year now too.
  2. Hello Suzanne, I do the same thing as you but in New Zealand. The name of my business is Mobile Foot Care Ltd, and I run Community clinics; co-ordinate home visits in Canterbury by putting clients in touch with other Foot Care Nurses in their area; and offer supervision and support. Most of our clients are elderly or disabled, and there is a very strong demand for this service. We work in collaboration with Podiatrists and other Primary Health Care Professionals.

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