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Hello, new here

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by piessanos, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. piessanos

    piessanos Welcome New Poster

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    Hey there everyone

    I am seriously considering podiatry as a career /career-change. I would be a mature student so I need to be 100% sure. I thought by reading all your postings on here it will help me make up my mind for sure.

    Looking firward to learning from all of you,

    Regards xx
  2. Wotcha.

    Podiatry can be a very rewarding career, financially and in satisfaction. Its a very broad church, in 5 years you might be doing dermatology, surgery, biomechanics (woo) or indeed good ole fashioned everyday podiatry.


    Its not for everyone. It has a big dropout rate both pre and post graduation. Its great if its what you want but don't fall into the "i want to do surgery / physio etc so i'll do podiatry" trap. That way lies misery.

    My advice, find a local podiatrist / nhs clinic and shadow them for a full week (offer your services as an assistant, they'll jump at it.) By then you will either know its right for you or be cured of the desire altogether.

    Good luck.
  3. wend0164

    wend0164 Member


    Podiatry was not what i set out on the career ladder to do,i started with foot health for a well know organisation in England.

    I got the bug!!!! and wanted to know more, so ended up at Uni. I work in private practice and have the most wonderful regular and not so regular clients.

    You never know where it will lead you, but youll never know if you dont try.
    My advise to anyone is to go the orthodox route and follow on with Holistic therapies, ie Reflexology, massage. The feet hold a wealth of information, and it really gets hold of you.

    I wish you well, and am sure if you have got to this point it is right for you!!!!!

    Good Luck
  4. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Hi nice welcomes Robert and Wend. This is a question that has been posted often so if you search you will possibly find further threads regarding this topic.

    Good Luck with the new path you choose.

  5. piessanos

    piessanos Welcome New Poster

    Thank you all for your kind & wise words.

    I will keep investigating & will definitely try to shadow or even volunteer to assist a podiatris as soon as I can. I think this experience will either 'make it or break it for me'.

    Take care & I will keep reading the postings on here.
  6. welcome to the world of feet
    i came to podiatry later than most. was in a class of 55. 4 years later we were down to 27,
    90%were MATURE students & we all graduated. one of my better choices in life.Good luck
  7. kzahra

    kzahra Member

    My advice is ask a local podiatrist if you can spend a day with them as a lot of people only hear about the glamorous side of the profession (biomechanics, nail surgery etc) Saying this though I love my work even the general care you get to a point with some of your patients where you forget the work and enjoy the company and it can have fantastic flexible hours.

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