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Hi from your dogs are barking specialist.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by orthoticsmanutah, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. orthoticsmanutah

    orthoticsmanutah Welcome New Poster

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    I just started out here with the forum. I have a lot to learn here. I look forward to talking with everyone as I move along here. Here is my site. http://www.customorthotics.com
  2. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member


    I'm not knocking free enterprise and I'm sure what you make for some customers has a theraputic effect. However, this is a forum that is largely populated by podiatrists who make a livelihood by using their expertise to diagnose a particular problem through examination then make an appropriate prescription.

    What you are offering essentially bypasses that. Whilst, again, I'm sure that many of your customers obtain symptom relief from your devices, the danger to podiatrists, as a profession, is the negative impact that your failures have.

    The average Joe Public will not differentiate between your custom orthotics provided with no assessment and orthoses provided by a qualified practitioner. Therefore, your failures tar all orthotics with the same brush.

    I am no stranger to seeing patients who have failed with other practitioners and I am sure the opposite is true but the bare minimum that is done is some type of examination. If customers wish to buy generically shaped prefabricated devices, that is fine with me. However, offering custom made orthotics with no diagnosis or examination is negligent at best.

    You can learn all you want here and there is no better resource. However, if you don't get anywhere near the patient, it will make no difference. You are still prescribing blind. I won't get into the arguement of custom versus prefab. I hope you read far enough on this forum to understand why what you are offering can only be considered commercial with the single goal of money making. That is generally something that is frowned upon with Podiatry Arena



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