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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tonercm, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. tonercm

    tonercm Welcome New Poster

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    hi everyone, i have nearly finished my chiropody course and found this sight very helpful!!
  2. andersonkchan

    andersonkchan Active Member

    Hi there!
    wow , where are you studying chiropody? I didn't know they still called it that these days! lol
    Anyhoo, welcome! (i'm quite new myself!)
  3. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

    Hello tonercm,
    I see from your next post that you say you are training to be an FHP. I would suggest that you make sure you know what exactly you are studying because if you don't you could be sanctioned by the HPC for Misuse of a Protected Title.



  4. andersonkchan

    andersonkchan Active Member

    Hi Catfoot,
    what post was this?
  5. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

    Hi andersonkchan,
    I refer to this one,

    It seems this student doesn't know what they are studying.

    In UK there is a very big difference between "Chiropody" - which is not taught any more but is a "Protected Title" (as it Podiatry")


    and being an FHP, which is a title that can be used by anyone regardless of training levels. Training to be an FHP does not lead to HPC Registration - only a Podiatry degree does that.

    I hope that helps


    Last edited: Nov 5, 2011
  6. andersonkchan

    andersonkchan Active Member

    ah yes,
    I'm in Australia Catfoot, didn't know much about FHP, HPC etc, had to read up on all the links you've provided lol.

    you do make a valid point. According to that site - chiropodist & podiatrist are def protected..

    haven't seen the OP back yet tho.. hmm..

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