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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by curlysherwood, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. curlysherwood

    curlysherwood Member

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    UK based, enjoy the forum very much.

    Husband and wife currently looking at pod training, one by degree and one by providing an assistant role/FHP.

  2. Johnpod

    Johnpod Active Member

    Hi Curly,

    Just to welcome you to the forum - I have been aware that you have been there for at least 30 hours, and I have let it lie simply because there are those here that would say that it is my vested interest that has prompted me to reply. This is not the case. It is only right that you should be welcomed to the forum.

    I wish you well and hope you find what you seek here....
  3. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

    Hello Curly.
    Without wishing to perhaps state the obvious, training by the routes you mention will only make one of you a pod. FHP training is not the same as "Pod training"
  4. curlysherwood

    curlysherwood Member

    Thanks Catfoot, we know there is obvious limitation - not being able to work in NHS, limited professional recognition, public maybe not knowing what an FHP is/the difference .but we are willing to make the degree work at least for one of us to begin with, then hopefully in time, both of us will, just need to make sure we can make a living in the meantime, even if only offering basic nail cutting/foot massage. And no worries about us trying to palm off a web site with the words chiropodist/podiatrist in the meta data! Over the past month or so of research we have seen loads of people who are breaking the rules, I even see some reported on somefootsite ;)

    So, one doing a degree and one earning some money for the next 3 years allows us to change careers now and gain some experience.
  5. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

    Hi again Curlysherwood,
    I'm not sure I understand your posting or your costings.

    Whether you train to be an FHP or pod you will not be able to " make a living" for some time.
    If you go down the degree route you may be able to get NHS employment after 3 years. Private practice (unless you buy one ) will take approx 5 years to become viable.
    For the FHP route you will still have to fund yourself for one year while you train and again it will take approx 5 years to build up into a F/T private practice. This is assuming the work is there and you haven't got a Social Enterprise provider in your area.

    I am just curious as to why you think you both can live on an FHP's income? :confused:

    Most people who train to be FHPs see it as a part-time occupation to supplement the main wage-earner in the household, not as a main source of income.

  6. curlysherwood

    curlysherwood Member

    It would be two FHP's incomes :) Although that income won't begin for at least 12/18months from when the training starts.

    We only have one income at the moment , have done so for some time due to various reasons outwith our control.

    My current career as an IT security analyst/auditor/engineer with some 20 years experience will see me through with sufficient part time work to keep us going through the first FHP training and then the degree.

    With some perseverance and passion we will get there. we are selling up our house and "downsizing" which will get rid of any mortgage, I will also no longer have to travel 400/500 miles a week for work, and will be changing jobs to a local area and both be working part time.

    We expect it to take around 5 years of hard work to get back to where we are today, but we will be doing something we both want to do.

    I appreciate your comments and value the experience in your words.

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