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Join #TeamFHB - innovative South London practice with excellent work perks!

Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by FootHealth Battersea, Mar 14, 2022.

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    Who are FootHealth Battersea?
    • Award winning family-run clinic who have been treating the feet of South West London since 1959.
    • Offering a first class patient led holistic approach, cross-referring within the practice and offering services from routine podiatry and MSK through to aesthetic treatments and beyond.
    • Great location (5 minute walk from Clapham Junction mainline station and the restaurants, bars and shops of Northcote Road, short tube, train or taxi ride into the vibrant nightlife of Central London)
    What is the POD package?
    • Part-Time Employed Role Available (up to 4 days/week, no Saturdays!)
    • 27-40k pro-rata basic (neg on experience) + commission on all patients seen and services provided over the threshold
    • Work with innovative and hi-spec equipment inc. OptoGait digital gait analysis, SWIFT, Verrutop, Hyfrecator, LLLT and Clearanail
    • 5 CPD days pro-rata Support in progression of specialism
    • 5 weeks paid holiday pro-rata

    We have a wonderful and welcoming team who support each other in delivering a first-class patient experience, Join us by emailing your CV to sarah.pellumbi@foothealthbattersea.co.uk

    We have a successful history of employing PODs from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa as well as the UK!

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