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Loophole allows conman to go on

Discussion in 'Australia' started by NewsBot, Feb 16, 2010.

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    The Age is reporting:
    Loophole allows conman to go on
    Full story
  2. DaVinci

    DaVinci Well-Known Member

    This sorry saga has been going on long enough......
  3. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  4. jb

    jb Active Member

    Kudos to The Age for continuing to pursue this story.
  5. Stuart Blyth

    Stuart Blyth Active Member

    Hi all

    Just wanted to make it clear that as the former owner of Holloway Podiatry I have nothing to do with Carepro. I sold the practice (including the trading name) to them in Dec 2008.

    Stuart Blyth
  6. mishkabelle

    mishkabelle Member

    Hi all,
    As a former member of staff I am concerned about being tarred with the same brush. How do we make it known to the public that this man is not a podiatrist?
  7. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    :welcome: Hi E .... long time no see ;)
    Previous press releases on this have mentioned that he is not a podiatrist. I know several employers who have taken on former staff of this company and the previous one ... they speak highly of them, so do not be too concerned about being tarnished ...

    The winding up action was discussed in this thread:
    http://www.podiatry-arena.com/podiatry-forum/showthread.php?t=40936 and there was this one on the company:

    There have been other previous discussion about other goings on around this issue ... but to avoid legal issues, they are no longer in public view for now (we could not verify the identity of the person making certain claims that must have come from some close to the company)

    There is planty of information in the public domain (and there is plenty more in the private domain that we have to be cautious with).

    We don't think any less of Stuart because he sold them his practice.
  8. Stuart Blyth

    Stuart Blyth Active Member

    Thank you Craig, on a totally unrelated note it is always important to remember that it is YOUR provider number and it is YOU that the HIC will come after for dodgy Medicare claims.

    So be wary of who is using it to bill Medicare/Dva and make sure you close off your old numbers that you are not using anymore.

    cheers, Stuart
  9. mishkabelle

    mishkabelle Member

    Absolutely Stuart, something that new grads in particular need to be very aware of. That, and NEVER signing documents that haven't been filled in. Something I was asked to do....
  10. jos

    jos Active Member

    The trouble is that people see the word podiatry and ASSUME he is a podiatrist. I have had many patients read the articles in the Age and ask me about " that podiatrist who is a con man".............i have to say (without yelling)- HE IS NOT A PODIATRIST.

    Stuart- I don't have a problem with you selling to him-just hope you got your money!
  11. FeetGeek

    FeetGeek Member

    I just read this in a February (23/2/10) edition of Australian Doctor whilst sitting in a GP waiting room! Anyone else read it?

  12. mishkabelle

    mishkabelle Member

    From what I heard all the assests were transfered from Carepro Allied Health PTY LTD to other companies (such as Carepro IT) 6 months before Carepro AH went into liquidation. From my limited understanding in these matters, I think that makes the assests untouchable....
  13. DAVOhorn

    DAVOhorn Well-Known Member

    I have a singular problem with this .

    It is the GP who makes the medicare referral under the EPC plan.

    It is not the podiatrist.

    The GP gets up to $400.00 for the referral to the Allied Health Professional.

    The Podiatrist gets approx $240.00 for the 5 episodes of care over the 12 month period.:butcher:

    So surely it is the referring agent who is responsible.

    I see many non eligible referrals . Recently i saw a 16 year old healthy girl to cut her normal nails.:bash:

    her GP had referred her to my practice for this. This is utterly bonkers. To add salt to the wound the family are a very wealthy Chinese family.

    So the authorities should investigate the referring agent for bogus Medicare referrals.

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