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Mystery case—need help!

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Happycamper, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Happycamper

    Happycamper Welcome New Poster

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    Patient (me) returned to podiatrist after several years. History(forgive wrong terms) July 2010 fracture of left foot sesamoid ( under big toe). Complicated by having a broken left hand as well as left groin injury, soft casted.
    Fast forwad and foot doing great— except for numbness at left toe and thickening of skin. After exercises more pronounced, annoying and tingly but faded soon.

    Right ankle (talus?) fractured end Oct 2015 Further injury to sane foot when I swung up with crutch leaning on porch rail and the entire rail cracked off and I went flying (pretty gracefully landed smash on forefoot top. Early on had a bone sticking out near fracture and it never resolved. They didn’t cast this time either because too swollen. The bone painful often and always after e recusing and from touch, eg sitting cross legged impossible.

    All in all both lingering injuries have nagged at me but I did not want to return after a long period of serious illness over the years. But now was feeling better, happy to be alive, on my feet but want more mobility. Or at least yo know what’s what-/ like safe to walk even if pain? So I went in and my Dr. was called out. His substitute did an xray of my right foot and ankle and sure enough a bone growth. Avulsion fracture ? Nothing could be fine except a lace up compression device I couldn’t afford! And perhaps future “bone shaving. “

    Left foot. He did not do a study and quickly said that this would be easy. Simply a callus in toe causing the numbness. Said he would take care if it right there and would not hurt. Electric machine. And after about minute or less I calmly said— actually I’m perceiving that as pain.

    He stopped. Said he was mostly done anyway. The toe hurt a lot and I told him. It became red. He said it would be fine. I believed him. Left. It felt like a sharp metal wire was sectioning it. And later putting a sock on as if there were a specific small spot that I was pressing glass or gravel into!

    I called office a few days later when pain did not abate and they said they had no openings. Two weeks of hobbling— then a sudden spread and flare of the pain and I insisted. On a hunch I saw my old PT that morning — as by now (only in past few days) nerve sensations and pain and swelling running from inner knee to under foot and all top of the foot between big and second tie.

    Sorry this is now a novel.

    Dr. saw me. Shocked. Said it could not be coming from the big toe. Said I needed to see a NEUROSURGEON. I did and what an unpleasant and not helpful experience. In a few days will get an MRI of foot and he also ordered mri of lumbar and an X-ray of lumbar. And later— nerve conducting tests.

    Please tell me they just nicked a nerve and thus could pass. Nightmare. Thanjs in advance beyond measure. I know someone out there will help.

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