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NDIS Audit - renew registration

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Mark_M, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Mark_M

    Mark_M Active Member

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    Hi everyone,
    The initial registration process for NDIS was lengthy and frustrating.
    Has anyone started the renew registration process? From what I understand it requires an independent auditor.
    I am wondering if it is even worth being a NDIS provider. Using Proda Portal for plan managed clients is also time consuming and frustrating.

    Any thoughts?
  2. quiltypie

    quiltypie Member

    Dear Mark,
    I registered as an NDIS provider, completing the 26 pages of questions trying to prove I was a good, ethical provider. All I received in return was 2 inappropriate referrals (They were out of my area) for the whole 12 months and daily spam asking me to pay to go to events where I was promised I would meet lots of new patients. None of these events related to me at all. I have a domiciliary business and as such see individual patients in their home. I don't understand what they did with my information but they certainly didn't use it to offer housebound patients in my area a good quality domiciliary service. I am not signing up again. PRODA portal is a waste of time. Why should I have to log in, then enter a code to see messages? Why can't patients in need be given a list of appropriate providers in their area and be able to contact them directly? After filling in endless useless and insulting pages of information I still don't understand how to bill patients through NDIS. If I am an accredited practitioner with a working with children check and police check, why do I need to pay thousands of dollars to an independent auditor to prove I am not going to rip off my clients? The only one being ripped off is the practitioner and the poor clients who are caught in a bureaucratic nightmare. I will definitely not be re-registering with this system.
  3. quiltypie

    quiltypie Member

    Ok, further to my earlier rant, it seems I may have made a few errors.
    The patients do have a list of providers but it is very long and not organised well, so hard to find each provider. eg OTs physios and pods are lumped in together under therapeutic supports and if your business name does not include your profession then it is a nightmare for patients to find you.
    I have not had to pay an independent auditor yet although it was suggested in the first registration but then not required.
    Billing is through the PRODA portal but there are links describing it on the NDIS website
    It seems a lot of the NDIS spam is from non related agencies who must be looking up providers in their state and sending emails inviting you to attend expensive lunches that may not be relevant.
    Apologies for my earlier rant, will think first and type later. I have decided to keep my NDIS registration current and hope that the patients who need me can find me.
    Cheers quiltypie.
  4. Mark_M

    Mark_M Active Member

  5. Cuboid

    Cuboid Member


    I don't think we will be renewing our NDIS registration. My understanding is that we will can see self managed and care managed patients without the need for registration, and that the NDIS is encouraging people away from being NDIS/NDIA managed. We have had mixed success with our current NDIS clients, some great patients and some that have been difficult to manage (no show for appointments etc). It has had the practice manager pulling her hair out at times.

    Regards, Mark.

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