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On-Running shoes

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by jack_loveday, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. jack_loveday

    jack_loveday Member

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    Has anybody come across these new shoes or have any opinions on them?

    As usual a lot of big claims!

    A friend sent me this.... (I have no affiliation with the company but my friend does, as an athlete)


    "Experience running on clouds!

    With the Triathlon Cycling and Running Show taking place at Sandown Park on 11th-13th February, we are delighted to invite you to come along and experience the On shoe withCloudTec™ – the new running sensation that has taken professional athletes, trainers and seasoned runners across the globe by storm.

    Described as “like running on clouds”, the On is the first running shoe to provide 3D cushioning – offering increased protection against the stresses of running, while helping to enhance performance.

    The On’s CloudTec™ differs from traditional cushioning by absorbing both the vertical and horizontal forces on the runner’s body, reducing the impact on muscles and joints by up to 30 percent. As the foot hits the ground with forward momentum, the 13 Cloud elements fold back to allow the foot to
    glide to a softer half, as if on sand. After impact, small teeth on the interior surface lock together to provide an optimal push-off, as if on concrete.

    Experience the original Cloudsurfer
    Come along and try out and buy our classic lightweight shoe. Engineered for speed, distance and efficiency, it supports an active running style, trains your muscles and prevents injuries in runners up to 80kg. And we’ve added two new colourways to our iconic black/lime: silver-grey/azure and rose/
    orange (women only).

    New! The Cloudrunner impact trainer
    Be the first to view our new impact trainer. Designed to give additional cushioning while offering a fast and flexible ride, our second CloudTec™ model is the ultimate shoe for runners of between 75kg-100kg. On sale from March 2011.

    We hope to meet you at the show. For more information about On, please see: http://www.on/-
    running.com/. Or to purchase the shoe now, visit http://www.runningshoeslondon.co.uk/

    Media contact:
    Layla Smith
    email: layla@aspiremarketingltd.com

    About On Inc
    On Inc. is a rapidly growing sports company based in Zurich, Switzerland. The On is distributed in 12 countries and is currently exclusively available in 120 of the best running specialist stores in these markets. "[/I]
  2. Griff

    Griff Moderator

  3. jack_loveday

    jack_loveday Member

    Thanks Ian. I've only just come across them, looks like they have a new model out in march... they seem aiming at the tri/duathlon market who do love anything that looks a bit different eg Newtons!

    Cheers, Jack

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