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On the box, this Friday

Discussion in 'Break Room' started by Cameron, May 27, 2008.

  1. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member

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    Can we help? ABC (Australia) Yours truly on the box this Friday, apparently talking briefly about foot fetishism but.....don't blink or you will miss it.

    PS Everywhere else can breathe a sigh of relief
  2. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Any chance someone can 'youtube' it so we can all view?

    Thank you,

  3. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member

    toeslayer on the box


    Unable to locate original posting (?) in answer to twirly's request you can down load a copy of the program at http://www.abc.net.au/tv/canwehelp/video/

    Look for ask the expert and there is moi in glorious technicolour.

    Now if that does not make your day?

  4. LuckyLisfranc

    LuckyLisfranc Well-Known Member


    I managed to catch the repeat last night. Well done, though I might have been more encouraged to see you promote your chosen profession to the nation as a 'podiatry lecturer' rather than a 'podology lecturer'...but that's a whole other can of worms.

    Question. Can you tell me a little more about how the nerves in the feet and genitalia share a common CNS location? Are there anatomical studies you can suggest reading that explore this?

  5. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member


    Too kind.

    In acutal fact I am a anthropologist/sociologist and study the foot in health and disease which makes me a podologist. Throughout my academic career I taught podology. I also happen to be a registered podiatrist.

    The sensory association between feet and genitalia is well documented.

  6. Dermotfox

    Dermotfox Active Member

    the somatosensory homunculus have hands next to face and feet next to genitals ?

    Is that what you mean?
  7. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member


    >the somatosensory homunculus have hands next to face and feet next to genitals ?

    The sensory nerves lie adjacent to each other in the brsin and neural print through is often postulated as the potetntial cause with one response triggering the other in some people. Also the peripheral nerve supply runs through the pelvic area and some authorites uphold there may be some association.


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