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Open Letter to Kate Middleton by UK Podiatrist

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Lovefeet, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Lovefeet

    Lovefeet Banned

  2. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    Tasteless and intrusive.
  3. Why would a medical professional ever write something like that? Not being British, and not completely understanding the British public's relationship with their royalty, I probably don't have a clue about what this is all about.

    However, I would think that common decency would dictate that this type or article should never be published about anyone....royalty or not.....it serves no useful purpose....other than to give Emma Supple (whoever she is) publicity.

    As far as I can tell....a Yankee looking from across the pond....I think Kate Middleton is fabulous and a great addition to the royal family...feet and all!
  4. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    Gives Podiatry generally a bad name let alone the author!
  5. Clearly Emma Supple needed to see her name in the press again.

    What is wrong with U.K. podiatry well the above letter is another thing to add to the list
  6. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    For those who have the good fortune not to know of the Daily Mail, that rag too is tasteless and intrusive.

    Bill Liggins
  7. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Indeed. I much prefer this high-brow rag any time;

    The Daily Mash

    38 - 18 :cool:
  8. Jammy gits and a biased referee - what'd you expect?
  9. Richie Grey to make lions, maybe Hogg as a reserve full back only because he had to put the work in today (but Halfpenny is on for my money). England? Clinical. Scotchland looking weak (they looked good at the pick and go game against South Africa, but didn't use that strength today). Morgan was carrying well until injured; as did Twelvetrees and Brown. Owen Farrell is 10, end of.

    Anyway, back on thread...


    Anyway... what's the American for a media tart, Kevin?
  10. "Media tart" translates quite well, Dr. Spooner. That was what I thought was happening here but, when it comes to the British public and their royalty, I don't like to assume anything.

    Anyone here have a photo of Emma Supple? Maybe it would be appropriate to do an open letter to Ms. Supple, informing everyone publicly of all of her physical imperfections also?
  11. Everybody's darling though...


    "At least you know the difference between right and wrong". Right?

    In Tua Nua, now there's a blast, you like them Mr Russell? While you're in: The Gallowa Hills by North Sea Gas. Go google y'all.
  12. Was there Dr Spooner- 'twas a superb week. I blame the decline in Scottish sporting achievement down to the introduction of sugar on porridge in the 1980s, before that we had David Sole, Iain Paxton, Billy Bremner, Jim Baxter and Jackie Stewart. Seems like only Andy Murray gets a shake of salt these days....
  13. Lovefeet

    Lovefeet Banned

    Mr Kirby....that was my first reaction when I read the letter as well.....but its not worth fighting fire with fire.....At the end of the day she did (possibly still does) sit on the Committee Board for The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist. Just be grateful you across the pond....and not your fellow colleague....Actually, sorry that was the wrong thing to say (my podiatry robot mouth kicks in and says instead Emma is a very good Podiatrist and that we are very proud of Emma for raising the profile of Podiatry in the UK, especially the wonderful, informative open letter she wrote to Kate Middleton, our future Queen - to her we are very grateful...)

    Here is a link to an interview regarding Emma Supple discussing Victoria Becks bunions....

  14. Just suffered again for 80 minutes - have to say this is the best England side for many years and they're worryingly youthful. Halfpenny needs a contract taken out on him - the Irish no doubt have contacts, though I'd rather not be the one to carve out his nut! The French will be the real test though....
  15. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Those Italians defended well at the end...

    So, apart from reduced collapsing during a scrum, why has `pause` and `engage` been replaced with `set`? Far more interesting than the open letter, IMO.

    Also, did as told `n Googled North Sea Gas. Cool. Mytube linked it to this; Us And Them
  16. Phil Rees

    Phil Rees Active Member

    Zebo and Tuilagi in a Lions squad .... now there's a delicious prospect.
  17. Oh I say.

    Is tea tree oil recommended for OM Bel (he asked innocently).


    One thing I will say for Ms Supple, she does take every oppertunity to push podiatry in the media, and gain exposure for it. However sometimes, and this is one of them, the presentation lacks a certain... something. I thought the tone was overfamiliar and a little condescending, even over and above the actual nature of the article. If someone came up to me when I was sitting in a deckchair and started setting forth to my wife what was wrong with her feet in such a fashion I would consider it extremely rude.
  18. blinda

    blinda MVP

    `course it is. Great stuff. All natural-like. Couldn`t possibly harm, could it?

    You and I discussed this article last August when it was printed, remember? Nailstat contains clotrimazole, which is only really effective for Candida albicans related OM, not your tri-rubrum dermatophyte, the usual suspect in OM. But, seeing as it also contains TTO, it has to work, right?

    NB: Just spotted this on her website;
    Lost For Words
  19. blumley

    blumley Active Member

    Whilst out on placement I have come across a couple of clinicians who really advocate the use of tea tree oil for the treatment of OM (never seen it really achieve much tbh) and they can never give me a good explanation as to how it works.

    with regards to the varrucae, could anyone possibly explain her reasoning for this?


  20. Ooh I say, it is nothing more than the beautiful exuberance of youthful enthusiasm, which should be embraced, even when misplaced. Such grace and taste sublime, such suppleness quite devine; why quiver ye with fear, when lovely Emma shimies near?

    I'm sure she'll be along very soon to sort you all out. You wait, see.... :boxing:
  21. Bel, this works extremely well and it has to be said a marked improvement over castor oil and Robinson's Barley Lemon, which I know is one of your favourites. These days I take the kids out the back yard behind the surgey and smear the soles of the feet with Pedigree Chum then lift them up to the fence where the neighbour's three German Shepherds are generally waiting for a bit excitement. Their reception rarely disappoints. You've really got to make sure you cover everything on the consent form with this one and its always helpful for mum to bring a second change of clothes, but it's quite effective in around 40% of patients under 8 years of age. Also helps reduce the number of unwanted Christmas puppies espcially German Shepherds. I developed this technique following a drunken evening with an Irish GP in 1986 who revealed his secret method for treating warts was to hold the child's hand/foot under the freshly cut throat of a cow at the local abbatoir. "Would scare the shoite outta them" he said "warts don't stand a chance". Had a point.

    I'll put the video link up of the procedure on my website soon.
  22. I was channeling Kenneth Williams. :D;)
  23. Much like magic water then :drinks. Bring me your muddled asses.

    Damn. Huddled masses. Sorry, spellcheck error. ;)
  24. Do you really want to be remembered for that? I suspect you were at the back of a very long queue....

    I know there's been a fall in personal standards on Arena recently, every day I'm shocked more and more....
  25. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    There is NO reason to use tea tree oil for anything! (see: tea tree oil)
  26. What do you have against Kenneth Williams? He was fantastic in "around the Horne". Rambling Sid rumpole, Chou N Ginsberg (MA, failed) etc!
  27. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Preferred Derek and Clive`s; The Horn & Round Robin

    What was that about standards?
  28. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Wonder whether they could get away with Julian and Sandy these politically correct days. I do know a couple of gay guys who still think that it's hilarious. Also, recordings of Rambling Sid Rumpo are still available. Where has all the humour gone? - maybe to the States because we have to rely on the likes of The Simpsons these days.


  29. Ah yes. J peasmould grunthuttock. Good times!
  30. No one was better than Monty Python...they were, and still are, classics!

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