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Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by daisyboi, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. daisyboi

    daisyboi Active Member

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    Does anyone happen to have any experience of treating Pigmented villonodular synovitis? I have a patient with persistent medial and lateral ankle pain for 18 months. Swelling has been a constant factor since the first episode of pain which arose after horse riding. Initial MRI showed tear to peroneous tertius and a hairline fracture of the talar neck. CT shows Talar neck cortex intact and local tissue swelling. A further MRI notes healing of peroneous tertius but presence of naviculo-cunieform ganglion. There seems no other relevant findings as yet although I have still to receive reports of two subsequent MRIs. Physiotherapy has proved no help in restoring normal function and the patient continues to use crutches for all weight-bearing. both passive and active dorsiflexion ae extremely painful and palpation of the anterior talus and dorsal surfaces of the navicular and cuboid is also painful. Any ideas please?
  2. dsfeet

    dsfeet Active Member

    there are two articles / case studies that i know about written on Pvs, they were by Anthony Short in the Aust Pod Journal in the 1980's and another of lesser acamedic quality by my self in the nsw pod journal in the 80's also.
    My experience was my patient underwent surgery for vns and I saw her post op a few years later with early o/a , she was in her 40's at this stage. The only tx given was orthotics to improve mechanical function to the joint ( STJ). Physio did not help her, the orthotics gave some relief and it was predicted by the surgeons that she may require further surgery as the tumor was regrowing although slowly. Unfortunately I have not seen her for sometime.
    Not to helpful but you may be able to find the articles I spoke about. will attempt to find mine , however Tony article being in The national journal may be easier to find and of a much better academic quality.
  3. Jenny McCourt

    Jenny McCourt Member

    Hi daisyboi,

    Haven't had any experience in treating clients, but have just had a focal PVNS tumour removed from my knee. If you join the facebook group "PVNS is pants" - there is a plethora of sufferers on there who have had surgeries, chemo, injections... the list goes on. Some success stories, so not so good.

    Hoping to research this further myself, now that I have a personal interest. How has your client fared since you first posted this in 2012?
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