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Podiatrist convicted of fraudulently billing Medicare

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Podiatryzone.com, Apr 20, 2005.

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    US - California - US Attorney -
    20 April - LAWFUEL - The Law News Network - An Orange County podiatrist who was convicted of fraudulently billing Medicare for more than $800,000 in procedures that were never performed has been sentenced to 51 months in federal prison.

    Mark Douglas Little, 44, of Anaheim Hills, was sentenced late Monday by United States District Judge David O. Carter in Santa Ana. In addition to the prison term, which Little began serving yesterday when he was remanded into custody, Judge Carter ordered the defendant to pay $675,820 in restitution to Medicare.

    Little was convicted in February 2004 by a federal jury in Santa Ana of 26 counts of health care fraud. Little operated Astra Foot and Ankle Center in Orange, and he worked out of numerous other offices and hospitals throughout Orange County.

    The evidence presented at trial showed that Little used the names and Medicare beneficiary numbers belonging to a few of his elderly patients to create and submit bogus claims for services that were never performed. Specifically, Little submitted claims for daily or almost-daily surgical procedures and casting on these same patients for months, sometimes years, at a time.

    The investigation into Little began when a Medicare beneficiary reviewed her Medicare statement and noticed that Little had billed Medicare for more than 70 procedures he had never performed. That beneficiary called Medicare's hotline number to complain. In its investigation, Medicare noticed the same type of daily or almost-daily billing for Little's top-ten highest billed patients. When these patients were interviewed, they stated that they only saw Little once every two weeks or once a month, and then they only received toenail clippings.

    Among podiatrists in Orange County, Little submitted the largest amount of claims to Medicare, even though he had far fewer patients then the next highest-billing podiatrists. In fact, Little's ten highest-billed patients generated approximately $800,000 in Medicare claims and accounted for 90 percent of his total Medicare income.

    The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General.

    CONTACT: Assistant United States Attorney Jeannie M. Joseph
    (714) 338-3576

    Release No. 05-060
  2. steve_thaw

    steve_thaw Welcome New Poster

    Where Little means alot

    How greedy all this sounds. Shameful and disgusting behaviour. However, a prison term is perhaps too harsh...the alternative possibly penalty being that Mr little should have been ordered to work volluntarily as a podiatrist in the form of community service. I cannot understand how Mr Little had not been caught earlier give the large figures involved.
    Thanks, Steve.
  3. Peter Simson

    Peter Simson Welcome New Poster

    Had he have committed murder in little america he would have received a lesser penalty.
  4. Bdone101

    Bdone101 Banned

    I have been a patient of Dr. Little's including my Wife and two young children back in 2003. I am aware of what the Federal Government has claimed and what Dr. Little has gone through! The info on this site is solely provided by the Federal Attorney that Prosecuted this good Dr. ( There are always two sides of every story, and WHY? did Dr Little not just Plead out a deal like any other common Criminal would have???) Maybe he made some mistakes, but in my experience in life as a CEO for a billion dollar company in Irvine CA I know better!!! Dr. Little is Trained well and has the experience that counts. I have found out that he is with his family in Chandler, AZ and will be practicing again.....Arizona take care of Dr. little for he will provide the best of Foot and Ankle Care. If I ever need a Foot and Ankle Specialist again, A short flight from John Wayne Airport to Sky Harbor is a small Price to pay for QUALITY care. Hope this is a wake up call for Citizens of this Great Country to What the Department of Justice has Become!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Lab Guy

    Lab Guy Well-Known Member

    but in my experience in life as a CEO for a billion dollar company in Irvine CA I know better!!

    You are a CEO like I am the Pope. Truth always hurts.

  6. Ima C. Ped

    Ima C. Ped Welcome New Poster

    He "made some mistakes?" A mistake occurs unintentionally. Guys like this have every intention of bilking Medicare and they do so at an incredibly ballsy pace. It unfortunately happens with great frequency here in the U.S. and reflects poorly on the medical profession. Kudos to the good providers who toe the line and earn their money ethically. Shame on him and shame on you for supporting him.
  7. Lisa2020

    Lisa2020 Welcome New Poster

    Wow so many experts on Medicare Fraud ! Glad that the Pope Chimed in ? Speculation is Bliss, but an eye for Hypocrisy is always golden. All sides have a biased opinion. Dr. Little is not a demon here. Well Trained Doctor who deserves a second Chance......Lisa

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