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Podiatrist in India?

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Griff, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Griff

    Griff Moderator

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    Yesterday I received an e-mail from a 29 year old girl who is based in New Delhi. From the information she gave me she sounds as if she is under the care of an Orthopaedic Surgeon, but is very keen for a second (Podiatry) opinion.

    Forgive my ignorance for the state of Podiatry provision in India, but is there anyone on the forum who is based in New Delhi (or nearby), or alternatively can recommend someone who is? I will pass on all her details/information (with her permission) if so.


  2. Hi Ian Gez can help from this thread - He might now of one or maybe your patient could fly to Kolkata ?


  3. DTT

    DTT Well-Known Member

    Hi Ian

    I have recently had an old patient of mine ring me from India because she had a foot problem and was unable to find a podiatrist. She was being sent to doctors who in her words "didn't seem very competent or knowledgeable about feet".

    When she came into surgery on a brief return home she told me podiatry is non existent in India with her and her company searching all avenues they were unable to find anyone.

    So I wish you luck mate.

    I'm still trying to find a Pod in Hong Kong for a patient of mine that now lives there and needs new orthotics if anyone can help with that ??
  4. Try Lisa aka HKPod - as in Hong Kong Pod - hkpod
  5. DTT

    DTT Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mike
    Just sent her a PM
  6. hughsheridan

    hughsheridan Member

    Hi Algeos India is in Mumbai and we are establishing a network of diabetic foot clinics in India. First few are in Mumbai.

    In India there is an Indian podiatry association although no podiatrists are members. But then that is India.

    Podiatrists can't obtain a license to practise as Ortho surgeons in their wisdom believe that they will steal their business. However recently we have pushed for podiatrists to be setup as allied health professionals which will allow a license.

    Anyway - there is a podiatry clinic in Delhi run by Dr Suri who has done some podiatry training in USA and deals with biomechanics, diabetes, wound care and some surgery.

    Details are:

    A P S Suri G-191, ,, Naraina, Delhi, Delhi - 110028
    Tel: 011-,41038359, Mob: 98105 08359

    Hope this helps.

    I also know plenty of podiatrists in Hong Kong and the rest of asia if you need any contacts in future.


    Hugh Sheridan
    A ALGEO LTD-ISO9001:2008
    Email: hugh.sheridan@algeos.com
    General Manager
    APMEA (Asia Pacific Middle East Africa)
    Branch Office – Dubai

    UAE Mobile: +971 (0)50 282 3633
    UK Mobile: +44 (0)7906 45 77 94

    A. Algeo Middle East (Branch)
    Office 114, 1st Floor,
    Building 4W Tower A,
    PO Box 54540
    Al Quds Street,
    Dubai Airport Free Zone,
    United Arab Emirates < Map >
    t: +971 (0) 4 260 2816
    f: +971 (0) 4 260 2817
    Skype: hugh.sheridan
    MSN: hughsheridan@hotmail.com
    Visit our websites at:
  7. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Thanks Hugh, that does help. From the information given to me this sounds like a complex musculoskeletal case, so hopefully Dr Suri will be able to help/advise.

    I will pass these details on.

  8. gez

    gez Member

    Hi sorry for the late reply to this thread.

    Podiatry is virtually non existent in India. However interestingly there was an article in the Indian times a few weeks ago looking at podiatry as a prospective career for students. So maybe things are due to change soon.

    I work in kolkata, which is an overnight train ride from Delhi. I would be more than happy to contact your patient but i have limited resources for treatment. I certainly don't have the gear to be making orthotics. So maybe a local clinic would be better.
    I work in MS back in Oz so if your patient would like a chat my e-mail is g_huck@hotmail.com.

    hope your patient gets some help
  9. bahriank

    bahriank Welcome New Poster

    Hi, I am going to start my Podiatry school in september in U.S. It is 4 year program + 3 year residency. I am Canadian citizen, but was born in India and spent my childhood there. I want to practice podiatry there. Can I do that , let's say in 10 years time?

    I am very much interested in Diabetic foot treatment and would love to practice that as a podiatrist in India. Reply if you have any info on the procedure.

    you can also contact me at rockstar_ankur@hotmail.com. Thanks for reading this post.
  10. ashish

    ashish Member


    i work in lucknow, in a corporate hospital and i have done my podiatry degree from australia, 2 yrs back,

    have plans to start the practice but things are in pipeline, anybody who would like to copnact can ring me up on my mobile 08953649503 after 4.00 pm and consult.


    Dr ashish
  11. govind

    govind Welcome New Poster

    I am Dr. Govind Singh Bisht working as Podiatrist in New Delhi, India since 2001. As there are more than 50 million diabetics in India and there are 50,000 diabetic foot amputations every year in India. Majority of my work involve taking care of Diabetic foot, I also do general podiatry practice. Since 2007 I am associated with Special Olympics International as Clinical Director Fit Feet and in September 2012 I had undergone training in Washington DC for Regional Clinical Advisor (RCA) Asia Pacific. I was in Special Olympics World Summer GameS 2007 (SOWSG) in Shanghai, China and in SOWSG Athens 2011, Greece as a volunteer for Fit Feet Screenings of Special Olympics Athletes.
    My web site is www. podiatrydelhi.com, my mobile no is 0091-9810098463.

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