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Podiatrist on BBC News

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by chris, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. chris

    chris Active Member

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    BBC Breakfast TV news this morning ran an item about the cost of school shoes.
    Two guests, Mrs, average mum, and Mr, foot specialist; ‘I believe there is a special name for that? Response, Yes a Podiatrist..

    This young man for the next couple of minutes represented all of us employed in foot care from the most eminent Podiatric Surgeon to the part time FHP.
    I believe we can, should and must present a better face to the public.

    I don’t want to criticise the young man. However somewhere in his journey to be in front of the camera this morning we must intervene to improve the public image of our profession.
    How did he get there? I don’t know but can guess. A friend/contact of a member of the production team, or a call to one of the professional bodies. Appearing in front of the TV cameras is a skill. It can be taught. Nobody should represent us all without some training. Advice on hair, make up and clothes. Correct eye contact with the camera and the interviewer. The right choices project a caring image of a profession the public can trust not a bunch of amateurs.
    If a professional body is contacted then they should have a list of suitably trained people they can ring round. If the friend of a friend route was used, and lots of people want their 15 mins of fame, at least a faxed or Email advice sheet. A half-day training would be better.
    It is in the joint interest of all professional bodies and indeed all of us to present the best possible image to the public. Could a joint PR committee be a first hesitant step on the road to unity?
    Chris Radford
  2. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  3. shellyvortex

    shellyvortex Member

    hi chris,

    i get your point- although i didn't see the feature you reference. There have also been positive representations of podiatry in the media- earlier this year there was a half hour health programme on Radio 4 you can read the transcript on the bbc radio 4 website and it does provide a very positive front for our profession.

    Like many others, i have been frustrated by the continuous assumptions that we love doing pedicures or might be something to do with paediatricians or that other thing that involves children :$

    A physiotherapist once turned to me in all sincerity & surprise and said- 'oh, you deal with chilblains do you? i must ask your advice' ! However ranting justs gives me wrinkles in the wrong places, so i just chuckle now and do my best to correct people in the nicest possible way! Podiatry- although incredibly broad and with many specialisms & many many knowledgeable physicians- is still considered relatively embryonic within the medical field- certainly within the UK (first recognised as a profession in the 20th century). Placing it firmly on the map is clearly another of our many tasks in this profession.

  4. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member

    Hi Chris

    The item on the BBC this morning was a very poorly prepared filler- the poor pod obviously had no time to prepare and the whole thing lacked anything useful- the BBC have a habit of using these filler items with ill prepared interviewees- it certainly did nothing for the profession, it would have been far better if we had not been represented!

    Hi Shelleyvortex-
    It is an age-old problem that other health professionals do not have a clue as to what Podiatrists do- most people dont know what we do! have you ever tried to apply on line for car insurance? the drop down menu of professions doesnt have anything closely resembling chiropody or podiatry!- you come under "other" !

    On a day to day basis, it really doesnt affect me in PP - people with bad feet manage to seek me out!

    PS Chris
    Good idea...........................can you really see a joint committee happening??

    Last edited: Sep 2, 2008

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