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Podiatrists wanted for Ireland

Discussion in 'Employment in Ireland' started by Estela Teles, Jul 6, 2022.

  1. Estela Teles

    Estela Teles Welcome New Poster

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    Podiatrist – Various Levels
    From Graduate to Highly Experienced
    Supervision and CPD to suit level
    Full-Time Positions
    Ireland – Various Locations
    Basic €32,500 to €50,000 Pay Scale
    Additional Earnings Available
    Various Benefits Including Healthcare
    Overseas Applicants Welcomed with relocation package including Visa and Registration Fees

    We are working exclusively on behalf of one of Ireland’s leading private healthcare providers with career opportunities at several locations through-out Ireland. Their case load is increasing from all areas including GP referrals and corporate wellness programs. The positions include sometimes working alongside physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists.
    With very busy client lists and growing demand, our client has several full-time positions in Dublin, Cork and Waterford. Growth is expected to continue and this provides for excellent career progression for suitably qualified podiatry professionals ranging from newly qualified to highly experienced. With an excellent CPD and development program in place, all new hires are fully supported to suit their level of experience.
    Teamwork is a Key part of their success and candidates, although working autonomously, can expect to be working in a team orientated organisation with a focus on best practice, with flexibility to ensure clients receive the best possible care and focus.
    Applications are invited from qualified podiatrists including those requiring a Visa to work in Ireland. If you would like to know more, contact us today to organise an initial conversation. English speaking is essential.
    Contact us via our website confidential-recruitment.com

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