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'Runner's High' Played a Role in Human Evolution

Discussion in 'Break Room' started by admin, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

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    'Runner's High' Played a Role in Human Evolution
    Full story
  2. drsha

    drsha Banned

    This is indeed a fascinating article.

    I am correct to infer by its description that I should either be a long distance runner or smoke some pot or both?

  3. wdd

    wdd Well-Known Member

    I don't think they've got it quite right.

    activity levels didn't increase "unexpectedly" last century. Labour saving devices in all their manifestations from car, to car park cheek by jowl with destination, washing machine, etc, etc, etc. Were designed into society because the were attractive to man.

    Part of the direct or indirect commercial success of all these devices is based on the fact that, in general, man only takes exercise if he is forced by circumstances to do so. For me another self evident truth is that the more physically inactive man becomes the more he craves inactivity.

    Fine. when primitive man went hunting he got some masochistic pleasure out the exercise but if he killed a mamoth, ie enough food for the next month he Would sit on his bum and eat himself silly for the next month and would feel absolutely no desire to go for a long run until the fear of starvation got him off his indolent butt.

    The good feelings asociated with exercise are not enough to make the vast majoriy of people exercise. Good feeling plus imminent physical danger or the prospect of starvation is required to activate the vast majority.

    It's been one of those days.

    Best wishes,

  4. phil

    phil Active Member


    I think the take home message is that on the days you can't get out for a run, you should smoke some pot. Unless you are a ferret. And then you should just skip the run and smoke the pot. I think.

    No, that doesn't sound right.
  5. Interesting article but I love the final paragraph: 'Raichlen also suggested that exercise could be a cheap solution to many medical conditions' Thanks for that one Captain Obvious lol
  6. the most common thing about common sense is that it is not very common
  7. BEN-HUR

    BEN-HUR Well-Known Member

    I really do wonder sometimes at the quality of science that is allowed to be published (i.e. Journal of Experimental Biology), allowed to be associated with Universities & subsequently allowed to be viewed by the masses.

    Humans like to run, so do dogs (observable fact that most children know)... uncooperative ferrets it would seem do not (well, look at the frontal lobe size of a ferret for starters). Hence the neurotransmitters responsible for “runner’s high” (endocannabinoid) will naturally/likely be found in the former two... I wonder about primates (why wasn’t a chimp used?); after all, doesn’t this species better fit the premise associated with the underlying reasoning – that of evolution.

    I see anthropologist David Raichlen has taken a page out of anthropologist Lieberman’s book – i.e. let’s try & link our philosophical/historical view of origins to running... & pass it off as science. For evolution to be at least plausible, the conjecture needs to show evidence that its process can provide new information as well as complex, independent biomechanical pathways for starters (i.e. where did the likes of neurotransmitters & hormones originate, how, & for what reason for the speculated simple organism). Did the neuron, synapse, synaptic vesicles, chemicals etc... evolve together at once for example? Neurotransmitters & hormones are consistent with design explanation... they have a specific purpose, put in place by an intelligent source to allow many complex activities to take place all at once in various regions of the organism/body.

    Evolution is nothing more than an historical myth & until the science community in general is allowed to see this & allowed to express this (without ridicule & discrimination) via following where the evidence leads, then we are going to continue to see research of this nature pop up from time to time (probably in the lame quest to secure grants??)... research/conclusions of which will also be lame, nonsensical & bankrupt of true scientific enlightenment.

    There is a group/organisation which has been formed, known as “Friends of Science in Medicine” (discussed here on this forum). Frankly, the quality of the above research has the credibility standing of crystal healing, reiki therapy, new age mythology & the likes! The sooner it is gotten rid of - the better for science (& medicine).

    ... And then (as already discussed above) we have the bleeding obvious (for the 21st century). Probably admitted in an attempt to add some credence to the article...
    Could” you say... there is a tonne of research pointing to the connection :bang:.
  8. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    Double post
    Last edited: May 15, 2012
  9. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    Couple of points:

    Ferrets, especially female ferrets (Jills) can move pretty quickly when they want to. Did they test the right ones?

    Some of us experienced a "runners high" during our first acupuncture session. One point on my left leg was bloody painful when the needle went in - but I couldn't drive home afterwards:D, and the smile was with me for days.............
    That was proper Japanese acupuncture mind, as used on Sumo wrestlers, and not this namby-pamby watered-down Western nonsense.

    BH, where do chimps come into evolution?
    Just asking.........
  10. BEN-HUR

    BEN-HUR Well-Known Member

    The research (if you could call it that) & subsequent assumptions (obscure to say the least) was based around endurance episodes contributing to those warm fuzzy neurotransmitters (endocannabinoid – anandamide) being released into the system... & apparently invoking our speculated ancestors to get up & start running (Ape man meet Forrest Gump). Hey, I'm a marathon runner... & I sometimes wonder if those warm fuzzy neurotransmitters are wearing thin on me these days... yet I still run. There are many reasons why I have continued running for the past 30 years - & it's not the "hit" (buzz) I get from those remarkable (inspired) neurochemicals. Anyway...

    In short... they don't. The above question portrays that "chimps" & their assumed relation with an evolution process is a valid relationship. It isn't. "Chimps" have naturally been subjected to Natural Selection which has likely contributed to some relatively minor changes only (compared to the assumed evolutionary changes speculated/required within primate history - heck - mammal history - heck - history of all life forms from some assumed "simple"... & needed "self-replicating" substance in some "primordial soup"... eons ago! :pigs:) - but that's it. They are not the ancestors of humans. Humans have always been just that - human ;)... & have always had the ability to run... for various reasons throughout history :D.

    [​IMG] :eek:

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