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Sole Supports and Foot Solutions

Discussion in 'USA' started by 1FootDoc, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. 1FootDoc

    1FootDoc Member

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    Perhaps everyone knows this already, but as I was considering using SoleSupports for my orthotic lab, I discovered that they now brand to Foot Solutions - same technology - same product - green topcover - $249!!!! When I contacted Sole Supports to query, after being transferred several times, they admitted to this and stated the product was different (i.e., different color topcover) and wouldn't compete with podiatrists or chiropractors because according to Misty, "people who go to Foot Solutions wouldn't see a podiatrist...they want something cheaper." Hmmm...same product, but cheaper.

    Foot Solutions has a store a town away from me and I'm always seeing their customers complaining about the $300 pair of shoes they purchased...let alone the custom orthotics they needed. I asked her to forward any doctor's name who currently use Sole Supports and have a Foot Solutions near them and know this conflict exists. She said she'd get back to me...I'll be waiting.

    BTW: Foot Solutions in my area markets to PCPs and orthopedists. This 'podiatry friendly' company can't seem to find podiatrists around.

    Comments appreciated.
  2. Looks like the Sole Support company zealots are at it again. Instead of "We Make People Better", maybe their slogan should be "We Make Up Stuff to Make Our Wallets Fatter". ;)
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