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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Pauline burrell-saward, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Pauline burrell-saward

    Pauline burrell-saward Active Member

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    new Pt. phoned for home visit.

    explained I only do H/V for those who cannot leave the house, that's me ,she confirmed.

    Booked for Wednesday pm.

    "Oh no" she said,

  2. DaVinci

    DaVinci Well-Known Member

    Happened to me many times over the years. I don't do home visits anymore. Its just not worth it.
  3. William Fowler

    William Fowler Active Member

    Typical lack of respect.
  4. Claire72

    Claire72 Active Member

    I don't get it......why did your lady have to be housebound in order for you to provide her with a home visiting podiatry service?
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  5. Pauline burrell-saward

    Pauline burrell-saward Active Member

    Because I have a clinic and only do a few H/V for genuine people who can't get to me.

    Why would I leave my clinic which is set up for me to treat in a clean place ,to go to someones house ,sit on the floor or stool in what is often a not so clean place, plus H/V expect a cheap job
  6. Claire72

    Claire72 Active Member

    You have made a decision not to add home visits to your practice - but should this really give you the permission to make assumptions about would-be patients to validate your choice.

    Having a clinic based practice doesn't mean people who do want home visits are those who live in un-clean places and who "expect a cheap job". It just means,"no, sorry, but here are the contact details of another podiatrist in the area who does offer home visits".

    We all need to promote podiatry as a health profession. At the very least, not publish frustrations on t'internet and label any client as having a "lack of respect" and "not worth it"*. This is not a conversation in a closed room where no one can hear you.....

    * Not your comments, added later in the thread.
  7. Pauline burrell-saward

    Pauline burrell-saward Active Member

    why oh why, do people take things too literally??
    My first post was a light hearted comment, I found it an amusing episode.

    I have NEVER treated any of my pts with " lack of respect "or "not worth it"

    No H/V will ever be as clean as my surgery, no seat will ever be as comfortable as my saddle seat with the Pt electric chair at the right height for treatment and my back.

    By the time you have packed your treatment bag, driven to H/V, parked, walked to the house ,set up equipment, done treatment and then repeated the packing up and driving home ,you will have spent twice as long as a clinic treatment, and it is really hard to charge double.

    And yes I do give out other practitioners contact details , who do nothing but H/V
  8. Dieter Fellner

    Dieter Fellner Well-Known Member

    Ask your dentist or doctor for a home visit -- see what happens.

    The 'home visit' is, not a beacon of professionalism by any stretch of the imagination.
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