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Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by AnnaMgadalena, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. AnnaMgadalena

    AnnaMgadalena Welcome New Poster

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    We are growing and we would like you to grow with us
    We are looking for a PODIATRIST with a can-do attitude. If you are keen on being the best you can be and, if you are determined to earn the trust of your patients and ensure they leave every appointment feeling not only more comfortable, but also recognised, valued and better informed, then you are the right person for us.
    Who are we?
    We are an award-winning, successful, close-knit team looking to grow as our practice changes and expands. Now is the perfect time to join us as not only will you become part of our exciting, new plans but you will also be able to carve out your own unique role within our team.
    Close, dedicated teamwork lies at the heart of our success. What’s more, our strong code of ethics and focus on team values translate into delivering amazing levels of service to our clients. At the same time, we believe in team members who feel happy, fulfilled and valued.
    Our performance-driven culture ensures we always deliver excellent client care. We actively seek patient feedback and are continuously looking for ways to improve our patients’ experience.
    Who are we looking for?
    • A degree qualified podiatrist, POM, LA, HCPC.
    • Experienced colleagues as well as new graduates or soon to be qualified graduates (2020).
    • Someone with superb interpersonal skills and empathy.
    • Someone with the drive to achieve and grow.
    • Someone who strives to leave a positive lasting impression on their clients.
    • Someone who desires to learn to develop both professionally and personally.
    Key qualities: empathy, optimism, drive and courtesy, with a keen focus on the quality of the service that we provide.
    What do we offer?
    • Full-time, permanent employment (37.5 hrs per week) working between two sites in Guildford and Farnham.
    • We offer a wide base of podiatry treatments and are constantly seeking to expand our offering. We are looking for MSK enthusiasts, as well as routine care stars.
    • Open to all levels of experience.
    • Salary from £26.5K p.a. - depending on position, experience and your role within the team.
    • Ongoing training and mentoring.
    • CPD allowance.
    • 28 days’ annual leave (including bank holidays).
    • Day off for your Birthday!
    • Performance-related bonus.
    • Quarterly team events.
    • Pension scheme membership.
    • Plus, many other perks and experiences for the right candidate.
    If you feel this position could be for you, please apply via our website farnhamfootclinic.co.uk
    We look forward to hearing from you!

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