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Talar made DVD

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by M C Robinson, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. M C Robinson

    M C Robinson Welcome New Poster

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    Hi All. Just watched talar made's DVD and was quite impressed at the sucsinct and easy manner in which the function of the foot during gait is presented.
    Wondered if anyone else has seen it and what you thought? ;)
  2. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi M C Robinson,

    :welcome: to Podiatry Arena though I notice you have been a member for a while.

    A little more information about yourself would be great. Where you are located etc.

    If you do not find any replies in the intruductions forum try reposting your question in the 'general discussions' forum of the Arena. As not all members regularly view introductions.



  3. hannah.lamond

    hannah.lamond Member

    I am merely a student on the site but i found it great it followed the module we were doing at the time really well (GLT-gait and locomotion therapies). Was great for visualisation of the compenstations in the gait cycle as well! Was nice to have such an educational "freebee" though the last 30mins was completely ingnored!!
  4. sam_wallwork

    sam_wallwork Active Member

    it is very good. went to the foot health day in kettering and Mr Greg Quinn the MD of talar made and a Pod Surgeon was there and he did an 1hr presentation on it. you can book him to do full day sessions for a group of people, i would certainly recommend it. and its FREE. :)

  5. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Welocme M.C Robinson, good to see you have had a few replies even in the introductions thanks folks.
    So Sam does he come to Australia and do that for FREE :--)) Sounds good.
    So what is the DVD called "talar made" and did Mr G Quinn make this?
    would love some more specifics, thanks

  6. sam_wallwork

    sam_wallwork Active Member

    not sure if he will come to Australia for free but you could always ask ;)
    its a uk based company and their website is www.talarmade.co.uk. i got his dvd in the back of the catalogue that we got when we attended their workshop. im sure if u e mailed them they would be happy to answer any questions. i found them very helpful and the workshop to be very useful.


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